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Major Genres of Drama

Prepared by Andrea Jericka B. Austria

Come on! Let's explore and learn

Types of drama

These types originated at different times, but each of them has its characteristics.

What is Drama?

It involves stories concerning significant human encounters. It present fictional or imaginative events presented of portrayed by actors and actresses.


Historical Drama

It is a work set in a past time period, usually used in the context of film and television.

"Goyo: The Boy General" Brash ladies' man Gregorio "Goyo" Del Pilar portrayed by Paulo Avelino, become one of the Philippines' youngest generals. The film shows historical facts about the life of Goyo when Philippines was colonized by the Americans.



It is a drama which involves the ruin of the leading character(s).

"Hamlet" was one of the most popular masterpiece of William Shakespeare. The protagonist, Hamlet, avenge his deceased father after his father showed up to him.



It is a drama which involves real but temporary difficulties of the leading characters. The ending is happy in that the conflict is resolved to the advantage of the protagonist(s).

"A Dog's Purpose" it is a wonderful movie. The dog was reincarnated as multiple canines for over five decades. It discovers its own existence through the lives of humans it teaches to laugh and love.



It depends on exciting scenes, overly dramatic characters and situation, and highly charged emotional reactions, while paying little attention to human values or reality. It aims at emotional thrills, but not laughter.

"Little Women" the story of the March sisters. They go throught many ups and downs in life. They've fought with each other but they didn't let the sun go down on their anger.


Drama of Social criticism

This category includes plays in which social, economic or political problems and themes are portrayed.

"The Greatest Showman" it's all about a man who discovered the potential of those unique people who've experienced the dreaded discrimination of the society.


One-Act plays

Is similar to a short story in its limitations. There is a complete drama within one act. It is brief, condensed, and single in effect.

"The Sunset Limited" It has 2 nameless characters by their respectives skin color, the White who is an Atheist, a professor. And the Black is an ex-convict who's Evangelical Christian. It is a story of the two of them where the White wanted to throw himself in front of a train and the Black saves him from killing himself. They discuss the depth of individual suffering, the presence of God, as well as the propriety of White's attempted suicide.