Welcome, Goddess

Hello beauty ♡ welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm so happy to have you here.

My name is Jerrica, and I'm here to walk with you as you step into your power as the radiant, soul-aligned queen that you are.

Like most of us, my journey is twisty and windy and complex, but one thing has always been certain: I didn't come here to live an ordinary life. At least, not according to the standards that had been previously set and accepted by society.

Years ago, I felt completely trapped by my life. Everything was about working, surviving, and just getting through the days... weeks... years... what was the point?

I had fun with my friends and had some great external experiences, sure... but something was lacking... a certain depth. A fullness, a connection to myself, my heart, and genuine spark for life.. all missing. I felt quite the opposite of all of those things, actually.

Empty, drained, and dry like an barren lakebed.

Can you relate?

Though it definitely sucked to be waking up to how desolate, and honestly boring, I was feeling in my life... I later came to appreciate it for the beautiful invitation that it was.

What this wake up call initiated in me was a relentless pursuit of loving myself, owning my power, and cultivating a relationship with the most important person in my life... me.

And in that pursuit, I found that what brings about the richness and aliveness.. what awakens that spark and deep soul-power... what brings one into their most empowered and authentic life... is nothing external.

It can't be given to us,

It can't be circumstantial,

And it can't be sourced from anyone else except Ourselves.

....So yeah, that's kinda what we do around here ;)

If you're ready to awaken your inner aliveness, create a deep relationship with yourself, and embrace your divine essence..

So that you can live a life that feels juicy and delicious and inspiring and creative and alive...

All via the path of self love, wholeness, and empowerment...

You're in the right place.

Tap through to see how we can work together &/or send me a DM to say hello.

Let's do this thang!! 😚😚