About ME

Welcome! I’m Jess….Fashion and style has always been a passion of mine. It has been apart of my life since I can remember. My love for it stems from my parents, especially my late father. It is because of them that I am confident in my own sense of style. Which translates into my ability to style others, it comes natural to me.

As your stylist I will supply and curate clothing that fit your body type, personality and most importantly your budget. The ultimate goal is to perfect your personal style for you to feel your absolute best inside and out! I will become your “partner in style” taking care of all of your style needs from head to toe.

Which one works for you?

Full Service Styling

This service covers personal and professional styling!
The full service option will be a seasonal wardrobe update. With this update I will source items within your budget. You will receive mood boards to pick your favorite looks. After selections are made, I will purchase the items for you. Lastly, we will schedule an hour one-on-one styling session in your home. During this time you will try-on everything, and we can determine if any returns or exchanges should be made.

Virtual Styling

The Virtual Styling service is perfect for the client who is looking to elevate their style, but doesn’t want to commit to the full styling service. You would answer a series of questions, for me to have an idea of what looking you're going for. Once that’s completed you will send your sizes and budget. Lastly, we schedule a call to finalize plans. Within a few weeks, I will email a mood board, once your selections are made I will send you the shopping links for you to purchase your items on your own!

Wardrobe Editing

Wardrobe editing is a service that is provided in the comfort of your home. Before your appointment, it is required that you organize your closet, this will make it easy for me to assess what you have. During your appointment, we will determine what items we should keep, have altered or donate. Then I will show you new ways to wear some of your favorite classic pieces. At the end of the appointment I will create a list of new items and essentials that should be added to maximize your current wardrobe!

Special Ocassion Styling

Are you preparing for an upcoming event or photoshoot?

With this service, we will have a brief consultation to discuss budget and the look you want to achieve! You will receive a mood board showing how to style the outfit and I will provide the links for you to purchase the items on your own.

It is best to book this service at least two to three weeks in advance.

Travel Styling

Need help preparing for vacation?
Share your itinerary with me and I will style you appropriately for all of your planned activities.

Schedule a consultation to discuss budget and what look you want to achieve! You will receive a daily outline and mood boards to show you how to wear each look.