Welcome Friends!

Get to know me...

Hi! I’m Jess and 32, married to my best friend, mom to an 8 year old sassy mini me and pregnant with baby #2. I also work full time as a Practice Manager and going to school for my business degree. I’m constantly striving to reach new levels of success for myself and my family.

Enough about me and my family, let’s talk why you’re here...

I joined Monat in March 2021 after consistently being a customer. I feel in love with their skincare first, then started using their haircare products and that’s what officially made me want to become part of the company. I had weight loss surgery in 2016 and a side effect was loosing my hair’s thickness, body and volume. I tried EVERYthing. Every drugstore and high end shampoo, conditioner and treatment I could get my hands on, and NOTHING worked. Until Monat’s volume line.

That’s when I knew if I had such great results and success with our products, others could too. And why not tell everyone about it? I was so skeptical for so long to join, and become a “shampoo dealer”. But guess what? I’m not a shampoo dealer, I’m a business marketer! I use our products and share my results, that’s it! I get to use amazing products I truly believe in, and share with my family and friends all from my phone!

I get to add extra income for my growing family, while sharing products I use and get to work with an amazing team of boss babes like me. The only thing I regret? Not doing it sooner!

You can join my team and experience the same results I have. Just ask me how!

Looking forward to gaining you as a new bestie!
— Jess

It’s not your hair or skin, it’s the products!