& you can call me Jess ♡

Just here figuring out my interpretation of a thriving body, mind, soul & life; inspiring others to join the adventure.

Heya beautiful human!
Thank you for stopping by 🙏🏼

You may be thinking, who is this girl?!
Well, I’m just your average gal striving to make a positive impact one day at a time; within my own life, the lives of others & this amazing planet we live on.

I am a traveler, an animal & nature lover, an adventure seeker, self development obsessed, natural blonde & a sophisticated hippie at heart... just to name a few ✌🏼

Looking back, I thought I knew what I wanted in life. I was so sure I bought my own house before the age of 20, secured a ‘stable’ 9-5 & thought ‘Yes! This is what life is all about! This is what success looks like.’
Oh was I wrong. The whole time I felt lost & unfulfilled.

In 2017 I had a major trauma in my world that had my life literally in someone else’s hands, potentially not coming out the other side. After the trauma I threw myself back into ‘reality’, constantly numbing myself ignoring the pain these events caused me to then realised... there is SO much more to life, than buying a house & having a traditional career (work most of your life to then retire at age 60 to finally enjoy life).
Nah huh. Not for me.

Though this major event affected my life dramatically it wasn’t a light switch moment like we think it may be. I struggled a lot afterwards with feeling lost, not feeling fulfilled & hid the fact I suffered with mental illnesses like anxiety & depression.
This really got the best of me & kept me in a vicious cycle. Until I couldn’t take it anymore & I knew something had to change. I changed jobs, I moved states, I ended relationships but it took time for me to realise all I was searching for was within me.
I just needed to heal, allow & BE! (We are human BEINGS, right?). I realised I don’t want to just survive anymore, I wanted to TRIVE.

& now that I know that, I am not wasting my time in the ‘normal’ world of work & hustle, lack & struggle, for me it is all about ease & flow, clarity & contentness.

Lets be real it’s still life, we still have good & bad times however we can choose how we perceive everything in our lives.

Hardship or valuable lesson.
Pain or growth.
You choose.

Fast forward to today; I am striving for Freedom!
Freedom to me means options; it means having choices & not letting money, time or self doubt stand in the way.

Time Freedom.
Financial Freedom.
Inner Freedom.

Clarity, safety & independence is what I strive for & I am here to tell everyone they are worthy of all of these elements too.

We have a precious opportunity to live in this lifetime so I believe we get to choose to live NOW.

I am guiding individuals like YOU, to do the same - live NOW!
With the power of this wonderful tool we have in the internet! I have created a life of ease, flow & abundance through;

Personal Branding
High Ticket Offers
Educational Platforms
Automated Systems
& a High Vibe Community.

We all have a story to share & we all have people out there that can relate, it’s time to speak your truth, step into your power & be confident in the person you were truely suppose to be in this world.

If you feel this opportunity would align with you reach out to me through my Facebook or Instagram.

Or if you just want to chat, my messages are always open.

You are never alone ♡