We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

A former high school teacher turned nonprofit founder. Love my family, fashion, travel, books and iced tea.

I turned my pain into my passion after my 2nd child, Kenzi was stillborn. Kenzi’s Causes changes lives of low-income children.

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Kenzi’s Causes

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Kenzi’s Causes is a Colorado nonprofit that creates equality for low-income children through their 3 programs.

Created in memory of Kenzi who was stillborn when her Mom was 6 months pregnant. Kenzi’s legacy has impacted more than 102,000 children since 2007.

My Top Picks

All things that help me stay on track health wise.

I absolutely love liquid collagen and how it has helped my skin, hair, nails and keeps me on track with my health goals.



Supports fat metabolism*
Inhibits cellular fat storage*
Supports a reduction in fat cells*
Promotes a healthy body composition*
Improves muscle tone*
Restores youthful skin*
Supports joint, muscle fitness and connective tissue health*
Supports healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes*

Trim is the only product that features an innovative, first-in-the-world combination of two leading technologies for a body transformation experience—CLA to accelerate fat reduction, and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to improve muscle tone and restore youthful skin.*

Plant-derived conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, has been clinically shown to decrease body fat. Not only does CLA support fat metabolism, it actually helps block fat transport from the bloodstream into fat cells, inhibiting fat absorption, reducing fat cell size and reducing fat cell formation. The result is a more sculpted, lean body.*

Bio cell Life


Improves joint mobility and lubrication*
Reduces joint discomfort*
Promotes healthy cartilage and connective tissue*
Improves muscle tone*
Reduces wrinkles from the inside out*
Increases skin's collagen content*
Improves skin's hydration, firmness and elasticity*
Reduces hyaluronidase – an enzyme that can make your skin age*
Promotes healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes*
Supports cardiovascular health*
Boosts vitality*

Liquid BioCell® Life combines the multi-patented power of Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology with the added benefits of 13 potent, phytonutrient-rich superfoods and resveratrol, which are infused into a unique liquid delivery system that provides fast absorption and results. Visible signs of aging and joint discomfort can be a result of typical wear and tear of connective tissue where collagen and hyaluronic acid are essential. Liquid BioCell® replenishes these important substances and is clinically shown to work. Liquid BioCell® is so remarkable that it has been awarded 7 U.S. and international patents and multiple industry awards. It has been featured on NBC, Good Morning America and Fox News.*

Improves joint mobility & lubrication*
Reduces joint discomfort*
Promotes healthy cartilage & connective tissue*
Decreases skin dryness*
Improves skin’s hydration, firmness & elasticity*
Increases skin’s collagen content*
Reduces hyaluronidase, the enzyme that can make your skin age*
Supports cardiovascular health*
Promotes healthy hair, nails, gums & eyes*
Great-tasting natural fruit flavor
All products formulated with our exclusive Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology counteract skin photoaging, support joint and muscle fitness, connective tissue health, restore youthful skin, and support healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes*



Boosts metabolism*
Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels to reduce unwanted cravings*
Increases energy*
Burns more calories*

Thermogenic formula
Mediterranean-inspired ingredients
Features plant-derived fucoxanthin—3 times more than leading brands—plus berberine and chromium
Contains natural caffeine, coffee bean and green tea extracts