Living with healthy hair and skin ❤️

Mum of a busy toddler, full time HR team member and a busy side hustle helping everyone transform their hair and skin 🥰🥰
Passionate about self care, taking care of yourself is important. Life is busy and it is easy to put yourself last on the totem pole.
All our products are all natural, anti aging, vegan and cruelty free. The journey to better hair and skin is different for everyone, I am here to help guide you in the right direction and teach you what products will help you to your goals ☑️

These products work! And here is the proof —


After having my baby (2years ago) a suffered from postpartum hair loss which is super common!
I found Monat and never looked back!
These products not only do what they say, they are non toxic and leaping bunny certified 👍🏻
Re-growth is happening and my hair has never felt better; silky, way less frizz, thicker and fuller.

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Watching my wrinkles disappear 🙂

Face is brighter, tighter and feeling healthy

I have been using the “Be Gentle” line since October 2019! Pictures speak for themselves. Not only is my skin feeling healthy and glowing I have more confidence in my appearance 🥰

All our products are non toxic, anti-aging, vegan and cruelty free!!!

Passionate about helping everyone achieve their healthy skin goals, looking forward to helping you 😘