Almost three years ago, I was a full time teacher, out of the house 8+ hours a day, and looking for another source of income that would help provide for my family plus help us pay off debt as well. I desperately needed something but I didn’t want to spend anymore time outside of the house, I wanted something I would do at home with my family there!

I watched how a family member of mine was able to earn an extra income while home with her newborn baby! She was able to pay off hospital bills and buy her baby the things he needed. We met and talked. She answered my questions and said to me “Just give it a try”. I was willing to take a risk and try something new! I needed to do this for my family and for myself too!

In February of 2019, I jumped in, took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back ever since. I had only joined to make that extra $50-$100 but quickly realized that I was able to make much more than that! It has helped me pay off five credit cards, have cash for gas and groceries plus my mindset is more positive. In addition to this I’m surrounded by amazing ladies who encourage and support each other. THIS has been a blessing for me!

Today, my life has changed so much by just watching my one person change their life it changed mine. Five seconds of courage brought me freedom❤️

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