Hola! Hola!

It's Jess!

A little over a year ago I was depressed and full of anxiety, wishing I could be home with my boys. A few months later we decided to take that leap of faith and I came home to be with them but I knew money was going to be tight. My husband got a second job, we were barely seeing each other, & all I could do was pray that something would come my way.

I came across a girl posting about her social media business on Instagram and for the first time I felt hope. I knew God was answering my prayer! All I needed to do was take another leap of faith...and that moment changed everything.

I jumped in and never looked back! God new I needed so much more and gave me a community of women who support + encourage me, & I slowly began to find myself again. Leaving all depression and anxiety behind me!
A few months later I was able to bring my husband home from his second job and I now bring in an extra income for our family + paying off debt that had held us down for so long.

One girls post on my newsfeed + taking that leap of faith changed my entire life and I know the BEST is yet to come!

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