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Jessica Russell here!

I'm a nature loving boy mom of 3 that lives on 10 acres in rural Southern Indiana. I love sharing my experiences, recipes, and homesteading hacks in order to help make everyone's life a little easier.

When I'm not inside cooking or working on a diy project, you can find me outside enjoying nature and trying to capture its beauty as an amateur photographer.

I have a zoology degree from Kentucky Wesleyan College that I obtained later in life and spent approximately a decade working in the veterinary services. My love for any living thing is strong, but animals will always have a place in my heart.

It's important to me to be at home with my two youngest sons and have a flexible schedule for my oldest, so I was grateful to be able to start up our homestead business and also advocate for toxin free living as an independent contractor.

I love sharing my two cents in order to help and serve others. And I would love to connect and get to know you!

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