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What’s popping? I’am Jessica and i’am based in Indonesia🇮🇩

Currently i’am running my own global business in health, beauty and fitness industry that can work in 55 countries. Right now i’am looking for young and positive individuals for my business expansion

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Before Nuskin 🌟

What i do now for a living ✅

Previous to starting Nuskin Business, i was already working in the office as a banker’s trainee and helping my family’s business.

Although i was doing well and the income was great (not gonna lie), my working hours was super long and i have no experience in working. It was hard for me because people expected me as a young trainee to be able to do everything fast and get it done. I wasn’t happy and comfortable in my working area because i have to learn everything by myself and there aren’t a lot of people to guide me. Basically i was on my own and i was stressed out because of the long work hours and the working environment. After that i started to look for other opportunities and i found Nuskin ❤️

During that time i’am really grateful to Rutnie who introduced me to this business platform. Let’s face it, if i continue to work in the office in long term, i’am not going to have time to spend with my family, friends (people who matters to me) and do things i love. While doing this business, I’ve learned personal development and as an entrepreneur.

In order to live the life you want to create, i believe you need the platform, system, people and a good company - and that’s Nuskin. What fascinates me still are the technology, time flexibility as well as the passive income that this platforms offers. To have a future that is comfortable and secured, i have got to have a sustainable income. #lifeisharsh

My goal now is to help more young people like me to achieve their goals and dreams. People who are hungrier than me that really wants this business to succeed. 🌟🌟🌟

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My Favourite Top Picks!

I want to share some of our top rated best-sellers in the market and how it can for sure help to improve your health and skin! Some of them i have been using 🤩


The world’s first dual-action treatment cleanser, in 1 step and 2 minutes. It delivers 7 skincare benefits and it removes make up at the same time! You can say goodbye to double cleansing. It’s super effective too in minimizing pore size and stimulates collagen production under your skin. Keeping your skin firm and healthy ❤️

Galvanic Face Spa

A treatment device that can help V-Shaping your face, removing scars, ironing wrinkles and fine lines. Alright to be honest, owning this device is equal to owning a whole facial salon. It has different attachment heads and this device works for your face, body and hair! This device is able to help fix hair loss, detoxification of lymph nodes and I can’t even begin to explain more. My advice is to try it first ❤️

Customizable SkinCare Device

An entirely latest approach to anti aging, created for individual needs. It is a device delivering effective day & night moisturizer and an individual 3 serums combination customized just for you! (Through an app) in a simplified morning and night regime. How cool is that!

TR90 Weight Management Program

Do you want to be more fit and healthy? No need to worry cause the solution is here! 😉 The world’s first and only genetic based body shaping system where it helps you to achieve your body goals in just 90 days!! No starving, no excessive exercise needed, i can personally coach you 1 to 1 ❤️

Ultimate Duo Pack

Ageloc You-Span pack and ageloc R2 pack can help you live youthfully with renewed energy and Vigor!

G3 Drink

G3 is the most advanced supplements that are able to boost up your immune system and antioxidant level.

White Skin Set

Nuskin Tri - Phasic White Systemically enhances the skin brightening process. This scientific method works to minimize the activation, synthesis and expression of discoloration on the skin. The key ingredient is clinically proven and featured in each product combine to create the most comprehensive skin brightening system available. 😉


Transforming Dreams Into Reality

We are a team of individual young entrepreneurs working together, aspire to help and support other individuals to achieve the dreams and goals, by leveraging on this platform, business opportunity and gig economy! If you want to find out more you can check out our instagram page.

If right now you’re looking for a plan to leave your dull office routine, seeking for better finance and time flexibility, we would be happy to partner with you! Cause who wouldn’t right? 😉

Let’s chat and talk! Don’t be afraid to ask ❤️🤙