Hey there! A quick introduction I am the Mama to three wonderful kiddos! They have inspired me to seek out the best resources to support their health and wellness. We love learning new ways to nourish our bodies and the earth around us.

In 2017 we discovered Young Living when I was looking for a natural cleaning product that wouldn’t be harmful to use around my son. I was introduced to the Thieves all purpose cleaner and quickly fell in love! But I still didn’t have any knowledge of or interest in the other products offered by Young Living at first, until I started to use the Stress Away roller that came in my basic kit. That and learning from my new community of friends what oils found actually do to support your wellness was enough to convince me I needed to purchase a premium starter kit two months later and we have never looked back!

Oily things

Why Young Living?

Young Living has been the leader in essential oils for over 20 years, and they are constantly ahead of the pack in innovation and ensuring that their members get the absolute best in essential oils. When you really dig into what companies do to get those essential oils into the bottle and to you, you’re going to find that there’s no one else out there who does it like Young Living.They set themselves apart with their dedication and commitment to their customers to making sure that only the best, purest essential oils and essential oil infused products get into their hands. Take a look at the three main pillars of Seed to Seal and then a short breakdown of a few of the aspects of those pillars:




Here’s the short breakdown of Seed to Seal and part of the incredible process that Young Living goes through to insure that we are getting the very best in essential oils.

Seed: expert seed evaluation and selection.
Cultivate: sustainable growing and harvesting methods that meet the most rigorous standards.

Distill: an innovative combination of ancient and modern techniques to ensure the purest product and result.

Test: internal and third party testing to make sure the essential oils meet the most stringent specifications.

Seal: a dedicated facility to provide careful sealing and inspection before shipping to your home.

If you want to learn more about the Seed to Seal guarantee and see all of the farms that Young Living owns around the world, go to

Essential Oils- what are they?

Also known as the “lifeblood” of the plant. They protect the plant from disease. Provide nutrients and help fight off anything it doesn’t want! It keeps the plant healthy and functioning at its best.

We extract those oils and use them on ourselves to keep us physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy.

If you choose me....

Bringing oils into your home is an amazing journey itself but the biggest perks is having someone to support and educate you along the way. PLUS not only will you have me but you’ll be joining our oily community. By becoming a member of our team you will have my support and the support of others on our team sharing tips, ideas, DIYS, education and so much more!

Ready to start your journey?

What’s in the premium starter kit?

-Lemon (detoxing & energizing)
-Digize (digestive support)
-Lavender (hair, skin, sleep)
-Frankincense (skin, focus, relaxation)
-Citrus Fresh (wellness)
-Peppermint (cooling, energizing, great for head tension)
-Panaway (for muscle discomfort)
-Peace & Calming (for relaxation)
-Thieves (immune support)
-Raven (respiratory comfort)
-Stress Away (heaven in a bottle)
-Valor (for confidence)

It also comes with your choice of diffuser, samples, an amazing community filled with support and education.

A little about us...


We are always having an adventure of one sort or another! With three kiddos and our two pups we are busy loving life!

Our boys brought us lots of fire trucks, dirt, and dinosaurs! Now there’s bows and dolls mixing their way in! We enjoy our family time together and one of our favorite activities is to head out camping/traveling as much as possible. Here’s to always seeking the next adventure together!