About Jess


If you don’t already know, my name is Jessica. Aka Jess, or Jess is best. Either works! I’m 27 years young. Graduated from El Paso Community College with my Associates Degree in kinesiology, and currently a college student at The University of Texas at El Paso, about to graduate with my BS in Kinesiology. I have 10 years of experience to offer my clients. I am known for being personal with my trainings (literally) which is why I would like to be able to reach you all wherever you may be in the world!

Please, let me know what are your goals and why you are looking for one on one virtual personal training sessions... I have many ways to help I promise 🙂

My experience

Yes; I’ve been through both sides of the fitness journey spectrum

To my followers old and new. Some know me. Some knew me. Some are just starting too. The ones who do know, know that I love posting progress pics/side by sides. I’ve done it since I made my platforms 10 years ago. Well this is 10 YEARS worth of progress/changes to my body put into one collage.

The first pic on the left is from 2011/12 I wanna say. 225lbs. It’s when I didn’t realize what health meant. I didn’t know what fitness was. I was very unhealthy and very much a party girl. All the way up until pic 2.

Second pic 2018. I got really slim. I got muscles but they weren’t huge. I got to 135lbs after all the years of backtracking and inconsistency. The main difference here was that again, I stopped drinking, ate better, and did TONS of cardio respiratory fitness. I got super small!!!! Let’s fast forward to...

September 2020, 190lbs where I went through a tough year the entire first half and stopped working out. Started drinking. Started eating like whatever. And well the damage was done and it shows....

Last pic, May 17, 2021... made big changes in nutrition and fitness.... how? Ask me.