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Uncover Your Money fears is a journey to financial freedom. By identifying ideas & limiting beliefs we hold around money, we can step into new, more empowered ways of thinking. Here I’ll share the tools to help you be free from self sabotaging & destructive behaviours.

I’m an Entrepreneur, Author, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Professional Intuitive & Corporate Wellbeing Strategist

What Clients are Saying


Stephen C. Maine, USA.
“My well thought and heartfelt thanks........
I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that I trusted her implicitly. She blew my mind with the things she could see and feel about me, my past and my future to come.
Jess validated my belief in a decision I made recently to let go of a 20 year marriage...the ending of a karmic relationship and debt.
She told me about some past lives i had, including the one in Peru, which created the karmic debt of the 20 yr marriage.
She also gave me hope for, and a vision of, a wonderful future. I now have a smile on my face, my mind and my heart as I make plans for the future. She gave me positive signs for me to look for. And positive things I can do for myself.
Jess has amazing and wonderful guides and Masters that she channels.
This reading was a blessing to me at this difficult time. Jess is a blessing to me. Thank you Jess from the bottom and top of my heart and soul! 😊😊”

Wellbeing in the Workplace with Inner Woman Welness

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