Hello, love!

Welcome to my crazy, fun, and never dull; JessMama life!

Hi, I am Jess 🖤 I’m rounding the corner to 40 and I’m ready to take my life into my own hands! I’m a single Mama to two beautiful boys, a life-long hospitality gal and full time life lesson learner. I am passionate about lifting other people up and learning from my mistakes (which I make often).

I can’t wait to see where the next chapter in this crazy life takes me, and I know I’m up for whatever the challenge may be up ahead.

If the past 5 (and really 10) years have taught me anything, they have shown me how truly strong I am and how hard I fight for what I love and care about. I’m ready to take the reigns on life and make it what I want it to be and give back to everyone who has ever been on my side or trying to figure out their own footing!

So what are you waiting for? Stop letting life happen to you and making excuses why now it’s the “right” time (I’ve been saying it for years). It’s always the right time to invest in yourself. The time is NOW! Let’s build each other up and turn mindless Instagram strolling into an income.

Let’s f’in go!