A Guide to Essential Oils

Hi I’m Jesslyn! I’m so thrilled you’re curious about essential oils! They have been such a blessing to my life and I’d love to share them with you too!

If you’re interested in getting started with oils, this is a wonderful place to begin.

My Oils Journey:
When I first started hearing about all the uses of essential oils, I was skeptical. How could a little bottle of “plant juice” actually be that effective? But after increasing struggles with chronic migraines, digestive problems, and anxiety attacks, I desperately wanted to find something natural and non-drugs to help me with these issues. So I finally took a chance and ordered a starter kit, hoping that these oils would do something for me. And boy did they. When I applied Panaway to my temples, my migraine was gone in ten minutes. When I massaged Peppermint onto my stomach, my digestion pain eased. And when I inhaled Stress Away, my anxious nerves settled down. I was sold. And have been ever since.

Some of my Favorite Oil Uses:

-Oils create a calming atmosphere that supports quality sleep, emotional well-being, and a lovely natural-smelling home

-Oils are miracle agents of relief when it comes to sore muscles, achy feet, migraines, and all sorts of other physical discomforts

-Oils are soo useful for calming anxiety, stress, and panic attacks, all those huge emotions that can be extremely difficult to deal with

-Oils are the perfect clean alternative when ditching toxic products and switching to natural ones (laundry detergent, toothpaste, makeup, you name it!)

-Oils can be used to make so many different useful things, such as perfume roller-balls, face serums, teas, air fresheners, and tons of other things!

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Getting Started with Oils

The Starter Kit

Order a Premium Starter Kit from my link and you will receive a welcome gift from me, resources with helpful tools, and links to our essential oil community on Facebook!

I will be your guide and am here to help you with any questions you may have as you begin your journey with oils.

What’s in it?

12 oils + a diffuser
Extra goodies + samples
Access to team education groups
A welcome gift from me!

Peppermint Vitality

Natural insect repellant
Yummy addition to recipes
Good for stomach pain/headaches

Lemon Vitality

Perfect for flavoring water
Nature’s goo-be-gone

Thieves Vitality

Great for immune system
Diffuse for cinnamon/chai scent
Add to hot water for sore throat

Citrus Fresh Vitality

Neutralizes bad smells in shoes/trash
1 drop over ice, honey, & coconut milk
Use with lavender to make linen spray

Digize Vitality

Mix with peppermint for digestive ease
Take internally = fast digestive relief


Use as chest rub before workout
Opens airways/sinuses


Use as perfume/cologne
“Brave oil”
Emotional support—confidence boost


Nature’s icy hot
Migraine/muscle ache reliever
Massage into muscles after workout


Spa & relaxation oil
Soothes bug bites/stings/sunburns
Moisturizes skin
Supports hair growth


Promotes soft glowy skin
Emotional support—grounding/focusing
Good for painful joints
Sacred scent

Peace and Calming

Wear as perfume
Rub onto feet & diffuse at night
Emotional support—calming/relaxing
Sleep support

Stress Away

Rub on chest/temples before sleep
Wear as d e l i c i o u s perfume
Emotional support—calming, joy-bringing
Diffuse allll the time

Travel Thieves Spray

Spray on any surface to disinfect
Spray in house for natural air freshener

Thieves Hand Sanitizer Satchets (10)

Disinfect hands/any surface
Keep in purse/car

NingXia Red Packets (2)

Natural antioxidant superfruit beverage
Drink chilled from pouch
Pour over frozen berries/sparkling water
Freeze & eat as popsicle


Your choice of Desert Mist or Dew Drop (Aria & Rainstone are additional costs)

Essential Oils Guide/DIY Book

Info/pro tips
DIY projects to make with oils
Recipes to enhance with oils