Hey and welcome!

Where are you headed?

So...I guess I should introduce myself eh? My name is Jesslynn former provincial level gymnast in Ontario, now fourth year (wow can you believe it already fourth year geez) Kinesiology student at York U in Toronto Ontario. Oh, I also “dabble” in photography so, if you’re here for that webbie it’ll be on the swipe to the R but I encourage you to stick around and read the rest of this bio.

Other than those three things mentioned above I really have no clue “where I’m going” or what I’m doing...does anyone? I kinda like it that way though it keeps ALL doors open there is no roof that I will hit when I reach my “final destination”. One thing is for certain though I needed a little bit of structure and a community with the same mindset as me. I wouldn’t call myself “free willing” I’m definitely the type to over research something before jumping in. That’s exactly what I did with the Arbonne opportunity FOR MONTHS...

My first experience with Arbonne was through my ex-teammate (now my best-friend for life, or as our coach used to call it sisters) began her Arbonne Biz and I ordered some nutrition from her. I enjoyed the products and went back in for more when I finished them. Then the question hit me, if I love this so much why don’t I jump in and make some money? That’s exactly what I did.

The Arbonne Opportunity to me is much more than the money now. I have found a community of women who are willing to uplift and help you reach your next milestone and goals. I have never felt so much support from people I hardly even know. So, if you’re a little lost on where you are headed why not link arms with me and let’s run together with this opportunity. Swipe right for links.