Here’s the scoop...

Hey ladies thanks for stopping by my name is Jess I’m 34 years old and I’m from Connecticut. I am a wife, a mom to my sweet son Michael and diva daughter Mila. We have 7 pets that I absolutely adore. Those are just a few fun facts about me, here’s the scoop on how I work from WiFi and you can to!

It all started March 13th 2020 when the world fell apart. I was in my 5th year working my office job and BOOM Covid happened! At that time they closed all the schools so my only choice was to take time off to stay home with my kids which I still do to this day. I have now been unemployed for a full year. It was almost impossible to find work because I needed to be home with my kids. I always knew in my heart I wanted to do something to help people but homeschooling ain’t it!

In January 2021 I decided it was my time to start helping people. After watching my sister in law killing it with her new business I decided to take the leap and start my own business with the company. I was so excited because I was finally able to fulfill my passion with helping people by recommending vegan beauty products! Very soon into my new business I fell in love with not only the products but also the results my customers were getting!

Speaking of customers... Yep I get paid to post on social media! All I did was make the switch to vegan hair and skin products and it honestly changed my life, let me change yours too!!