Hi guys, I am Jessica

Just your small town country girl, tomboy, hairdresser that's creating positivity and lovin life

I joined Monat almost 4 years ago in 2018. One of my lifelong dear friends came to me right after I graduated cosmetology school and said I've got an opportunity for you. Very hesitant, I said well "you got any samples?" To which she ended up giving me samples from her own shampoos and conditioners. She wrote out a card that said how to use it and everything. Did I go by that? Absolutely not. But I tried the shampoo and conditioner anyway And in no way did I use it correctly. Let me tell you that first experience. I absolutely hated it. I hated how my hair felt. I hated what my hair looked like. I hated it all.

So then let's fast forward. Almost a year. I had been building a clientele as a hairdresser and was wanting to bring in a little extra money. So I went back to that friend and I told her I want to sign up what product pack did you get? As the absolute amazing person she is, she pointed me in the right direction. Started me on my journey and I never look back. At the end of that month I left the salon I was at and I bought my own salon. Pacific Valley Salon!

Now I'm going to take you back just a little couple months before I decided to go down this venture with this amazing company. I was struggling a little bit in the hair industry. I was new. I didn't have a ton of clients and I told myself you have 2 months to get it together and if you don't then we're walking away. Everything changed in that moment. EVERYTHING changed.

So when I came to her and then I bought my new salon. I told myself this is what I'm going to use in the salon. We're either going to make it or not. I knew the moment that I bought my salon that monat was going to be my back bar. And if I ended up sinking at least I would have the knowledge of the products because I used it on everyone.

I am so grateful that I decided to make this decision. I am so grateful that my dear friend was so patient with me and now that is all I used exclusively at the salon.

I am not going to lie. I did not work the business for at least a year and a half. I liked the discount. I liked that the products lasted a long time And I liked that I was bringing in some extra money. The moment I decided I was going to actually work the business, talk to my clients about what I was using on their hair, using the plant-based aspect of the business because that is very popular right now. That was when I started to see the snowball begin. I now feel comfortable enough talking to new clients and old clients about these products.

I guess we should say I'm not a salesy person. Sales absolutely terrifies me. I am absolutely terrified of like car salesman people because I don't want to be pressured into anything and I never want to feel like someone is being pressured into something that I love and support. But now that I've gotten comfortable with the products and I've gotten comfortable talking about the products, it is so much easier.

Another aspect of this amazing company that has really drawn me in is the community. The love and support from other members in the business. They don't have to be in your direct line to be kind and supportive and loving and helpful. I have seen it time and time again where people have become my friends even though it doesn't benefit them in any way.

So with all of this being said, my main goal with this company is to one give people the full package! You come in, you get your hair done, and then I can recommend products that I absolutely 100% believe in and trust that you can go home and use at your leisure. Leisure that will help maintain everything that I have done in the salon. The next goal I have is to help bring confidence and love into your hair! I want you to feel as beautiful and as wonderful as the human being you are! My last goal with this whole company is to help myself stay financially stable. I also would love to be able to help others also be financially stable. Even if this company just pays your gas bill or helps with your utilities, that's an extra income that you may not have had before. I have been very grateful to this company because during 2020 I was out of work due to what was going on in the world and this was a paycheck that I could count on.

So if you are at all curious or I have sparked some interest please head over to the next slide that has information on how to join your journey with this company and what it entails.

Now don't worry if you don't want to start your own journey that's okay too. But if you are interested in the products head over to the VIP page and there you will find all the information that you need about joining as a VIP.

If you are super on the fence and completely unsure, don't worry. There is a beauty quiz that you can take and it will be on the last slide. You can find that and a little bit more information over there.

I look forward to chatting with you guys and getting to know you.


Join the Journey

The perks of being a Market Partner

Monat Market Partners receive:

~30% off all products

~30 day money back guarantee

~Free shipping with all scheduled flexships

~Purchase + discount (additional 15%, 20%, 25% off when you hit the spending thresholds)

~Access to flash sales - AMAZING SALES

~Free custom website

~No purchasing requirements


~No monthly fees

~No INVENTORY required

~15% - 25% commissions on VIP Sales

~30% - 40% commissions on Retail Sales

~Competitive compensation plan with 7 different ways to earn

~Weekly / monthly payouts = 5 payments (as you work your business)

~Smart start bonus program for your first full 60 days

~Opportunity to earn FREE travel

~Opportunity to earn a white Cadillac of choice at rank -Market Mentor-

~Opportunity to build global business

~Supportive community with access to free training and mentoring

VIP Program

The perks and deets

When you join as a VIP you are treated like a preferred customer and let's be real the most important person that you are!

VIP Program:

•One time enrollment fee of $19.99
•15% off ALWAYS
•30 day money back guarantee
•Free shipping on qualifying orders
•Access to Flash Sales - Let's be real these SALES are amazing
•Birthday Coupon
•Free 'Only For You' product on qualifying orders
•NO autoship. EVER
•Customizable flexible 'flexship' shipments
•Purchase + discount program + your regular 15% off (15%, 20%, 25% when you hit qualifying thresholds)
•Newly launched VIP REWARDS PROGRAM - earn points and save
•Free and easy to use website

I am here to help you navigate the products and what products would be best for you. I am here to guide you on how to order or change your order! I am also here to help bring you information on flash sales.

I work as a hairdresser and I use these products in the salon on every client. So I see first hand how they can have effects on client's hair And I feel as though I am able to help customize your wash and style plan really well because I use these products on numerous people.