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7-Day Camping Tour: Bryce Canyons, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone from Las Vegas

Are you trying to get more time outdoors with covid restrictions lowering? Try going on a 7-day camping trip with Jetzy where you’ll be able to roam a variety of places including Bryce Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. Amongst the various wildlife you’ll see, you’ll also witness the largest hot spring in the U.S. known for its glorious rainbow colors. There are also other famous natural features such as Great Salt Lake and Cedars Breaks National Monument. With meals provided and an expert guide to lead you, you surely don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Click the link below to book this experience!

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Sunset Horseback Riding in Cappadocia

Looking for an unforgettable experience to do with animals? Bring your family, friends, or partner to go horseback riding in Cappadocia to watch the sunset. You’ll first be taken to a horse ranch and met by a native Cappadocian guide who fully knows the trails. You’ll be riding through the Red and Rose valleys and in for a thrill riding through narrow trails only the horses can take you. Book this exciting experience today with Jetzy through the link below!

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8 Days Exploring Peru

Are you in search of something spectacular and unforgettable?
Why not do something different this summer? Check out this trip for Peru!

Home to Machu Picchu and the Amazon rainforest, majestic landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Escape to another world with this 8 day adventure across Peru.

Want to go on this mesmering experience!! Click the link and check out the itinerary!

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Santorini Private Tour with Wine Tasting

Looking for a peaceful place to enjoy city views and taste delicious wine? Try going on a private sightseeing tour with a professional guide to Santorini! You’ll get to see beautiful landmarks such as the blue-domed church in Firostefani, the black sand beach, and taste wine or cheese from the local vineyards. Book this tour now with Jetzy through the link below!

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Cinque Terre Boat Tour

Want a chance to go on a luxurious boat tour sampling aperitif with focaccia, pesto, and sipping prosecco? Let Jetzy take you on a boat tour of the Cinque Terre coastline where you’ll get the chance to swim, explore land by foot, and snack while taking in the breathtaking views of the five fishing villages from sea. The boat features a restroom, a shower to freshen up, free snacks and beverages, snorkel equipment, and a professional guide. Book the tour now with Jetzy through the link below!

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Dubai Frame Sightseeing

Ever wanted to sightsee panoramic views and see an entire city? The Dubai Frame is a marvelous structure containing two 150 meter towers connected by a 100 meter bridge where you can see both the newer technological Dubai and the older side of the city. The Frame also features a tour of the museum where you can witness Dubai through the ages and Emirati history. Book a ticket with Jetzy through the link below!

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Find other Hiking Enthusiasts through Jetzy!

Looking for some hiking enthusiasts to hike a towering mountain with? Let Jetzy help you connect with hikers from around the world that can lead to new in person friendships. Click the link below to connect with other hiking enthusiasts and explore the outdoors together!

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Tuscany Wine Tour

Ever feel like wanting to sip wine in a vast countryside? With Jetzy you can do just that visiting a variety of wineries and making new friends in the Tuscan countryside. With a guide, learn about wine production and taste guidance while also trying high-quality balsamic vinegar, olive, and truffle oil. Book this wine tasting tour today through the link below!

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3 Day Volcan Acetenango and Fuego header from Antigua, Guatemala

Ever wanted to witness a volcano erupt? Take a trip with Jetzy up the slopes of Volcan Acatenango and summit the peak. Stay at a nearby private campsite where you’ll be fed meals and get the chance to relax. While camped, you’ll be able to hear and see the Volcan Fuego’s violent volcano eruptions. You’ll also hike up the volcano and eat lunch near Fuego’s smoldering caldera. Book this hiking tour with Jetzy through the link below!

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Pizza from Scratch and Italian class

Ever wanted to make an authentic Italian pizza? Learn to make a homemade italian pizza with toppings and choice of wheat in a fully equipped kitchen. Before you eat, be sure to appetize yourself first with an aperitivo while learning about Tuscany and Italian culture. This intimate experience in an Italian home will make you feel just like family. Book this experience with Jetzy through the link below!

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Skip-the-Line: Alhambra Tour and Granada Hammam

Ever wanted to travel to Spain? The Alhambra in Granada otherwise known as “a pearl set in emeralds'' is one special attraction that you should check off your bucket list. The tour includes skip the line admission to the Alhambra palace complex. You’ll get the chance to explore vast courtyards, walk through chambers and exotic gardens, while also being led by an expert guide. End your tour off with a relaxing spa soothing your mind and body. Book your tour now with Jetzy through the link below!

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Eiffel Tower Priority Access Guided Tour

Looking for a great place to sightsee? The Eiffel tower is a must-see if you plan to visit Paris, France. With Jetzy, skip the line and go directly to the second and first floor of the Eiffel tower to marvel at the spectacular views across the city. You’ll be able to see landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral with an expert English speaking guide. Click the link below to book this experience!

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Semi-Private Colosseum Underground Tour

Ever wanted to visit the Roman Colosseum in Italy? Skip the line and let Jetzy take you on a semi private tour where you get exclusive access to the underground chambers where the animals were caged! Learn more about this ancient marvel with a guide who will bring you through the gladiator tunnels and areas that are typically off limits. End the day off with a spectacular view on top of Palatine Hill. Click the link below to book this guided experience!

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Day Trip to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Ever wanted to go to the Canary Islands known for a variety of watersports? Let Jetzy take you there and sail to Fuerteventura by ferry where it is warm year round. From there, you’ll get to experience Canary Island beaches, dunes, and the town of Corralejo. You’ll also be assisted with a professional guide and have a delicious lunch waiting for you. Please click the link below to book this amazing experience!

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Dubai Expo 2020

Have you ever wanted to go to Dubai? Don’t wait now and get tickets through Jetzy to see the Dubai Expo 2020! The theme of the park is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” Enjoy the architecture, culture, technological advancements, and innovations of 190 countries under several pavilions. There is also a musical show with famous artists, fashion shows, and great eateries. Please click the link below to book this event!

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Find dessert and travel enthusiasts!

Do you have a sweet tooth? Wondering where to find other ice cream or dessert enthusiasts? Look no further and find people who are both interested in trying desserts and are travel partners through the Jetzy app! Click the link below to do this!

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Bellagio Hotel & Casino

Ever wanted to go to the Bellagio in Las Vegas? Let Jetzy take you to one of the most luxurious resorts on the strip. Inside the Bellagio is the conservatory which changes themes every couple of months and is a great place to take pictures. Also get the chance to witness the mesmerizing fountains outside the hotel and the water shows that follow. Click the link below to book this experience, you don’t want to miss out on this!

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Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade

Ever wanted to ride a gondola in Venice, Italy? Let Jetzy take you on a relaxing ride on a gondola with a singer serenading you on one of eight gondolas. As you are gracefully touring around by boat, get the chance to witness both the Grand Canal and Palazzo Barberino. Click the link below to book this amazing experience!

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Explore the Pyramids of Giza with Camel Ride

Ever wanted to ride a camel? How about seeing the Great Pyramids that were built hundreds of years ago? Let an Egyptian guide take you on a tour by camel not only of the Giza Pyramids but the great Sphinx. The camels are kept in tip top condition and will circle around each pyramid. With Jetzy, you can also get the chance of entering the pyramids where the sarcophagus is located. Click the link below to book this experience!

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Phi Phi Islands Sunset Tour from Phi Phi by Longtail boat

Ever wanted to visit Thailand, more specifically the world famous location of the Phi Phi Islands? Let Jetzy take you on a tour by Longtail boat visiting a variety of beautiful places. Visit Viking cave with their ancient cave paintings and swim and dive in the depths of the Pileh Lagoon. Let a longboat leisurely then take you to a Hollywood film location of the “The Beach.” Click the link below to book this experience!

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2 Hour Seaside Quad & Buggy Safari Tour in Paphos

Ever wanted to ride on quads or buggies? Let Jetzy help you learn to ride if you don’t know already on this 2 hour excursion trip in Cyprus. After learning to ride the quad, you’ll go off-road to the seashore and visit a local village. From there you’ll be able to go for drinks or take a quick swim. Please click the link below to book this experience!

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Cenote Triple Adventure Tour in Tulum

Ever wanted to dive in and explore an underwater cave? Let Jetzy take you on a trip to three different cenotes in Tulum, Mexico. From observing the mangroves in Casa cenote to exploring the canyons and rocky formations of Grand cenote, there is plenty to do. There is even the Temple of Doom cenote with a 10-foot drop to jump from! Click the link below to book this experience.

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Explore Utah’s Canyons

Ever wanted to explore the marvelous canyons in Utah? Let Jetzy help take you there. Find a travel companion through the Jetzy app to hike up the canyons with and take in the breathtaking view from below.

Click the link below to connect yourself with a travel partner.

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Hunter Mountain Ski Package with Transportation from NYC

Want the chance to go to New York and snowboard or ski? Look no further and let Jetzy take you to the Hunter and Windham mountains, one of the most popular places to ski and snowboard in New York. If you need extra help to snowboard or ski, book a lesson with professionals. Don’t have transportation? There’s nothing to fear as there is a fleet of luxury motor coaches to take you to this thrilling site. Click the link below to book this experience.

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Discover Diving in Curacao

Ever wanted to dive and experience what lies below the surface of the ocean? Look no further and explore Curacao’s underwater world for divers in the morning. Get a clear view of the various marine life from lionfish, parrotfish, barracuda, tarpon, morays, and the amazing sight of coral reefs. Also get the opportunity to train with professionals beforehand for an hour so that you feel comfortable enough to be in the open water. Please click the link below to book this surreal experience.

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Elephant Experience In Chiang Mai

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with an elephant? Let Jetzy take you to Chiang Mai, Thailand where you’ll get to experience an elephant home. Spend some time learning about these rescued elephants with a professional tour guide. Learn their eating habits, how they’re looked after, and even bathe with them! After the tour, unwind underneath a waterfall. Go to the link below to book this amazing tour.

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Valentines Day Traveling

Feeling a little lonely on Valentine's day? Stuck at home with nothing to do? It’s always great to move past one's comfort zone and meet new people. Find a travel partner (or a potential lover) this Valentine's day through Jetzy and explore a variety of romantic places.

Click the link below to book yourself with a travel partner.

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Chichen Itza Valladolid and Cenote Tour

Ever wanted to explore the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world? Let Jetzy take you there. Depart from Cancun in a air-conditioned coach to discover
the spectacular Chichen Itza on a guided tour. After exploring, cool down by taking a swim in a cenote and end the day off with a tour of the colonial town Valladolid. Also included is a delicious buffet lunch and drinks. Just go to the link below to book this tour.

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Small-Group Aurora Hunt Northern Lights Tour from Tromso

Ever wanted to catch a glimpse at the Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern lights? Let Jetzy pair you up with a small group to traverse down the countryside and catch a glimpse. After finding the right place, gather around a campfire and enjoy soup under the spectacular lights. Also included in this excursion is a delicious dinner. Go to the link below to book this amazing event.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

Ever wanted to travel above the clouds in a hot air balloon in Dubai? Jetzy can take you there and give you the once in a lifetime experience of watching the sun going up the Hajjar mountains. Once you’re in the air, not only will you see the majestic desert from below but the wildlife as well. Relax and take in the beautiful scenery that this excursion provides.

Once you’re done with the ride, enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast. Click the link below to book this experience.

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City Sightseeing Edinburgh Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Ever wanted to see Edinburgh Castle or the National Museum? Jetzy can take you there through the Edinburgh bus tour. Board the open-top double-decker bus and get the chance to learn from commentary about landmarks around the city. Additionally, the sightseeing tour allows you to step on and off the bus as many times as you’d like. Click the link below to book this experience.

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Opera Performance at the Sydney Opera House

Want to see a classic opera by composers like Mozart or Puccini? Or how about a broadway musical? Let Jetzy take you on a grand performance in Opera Australia by booking a ticket now! Check out the Sydney Opera House and take in the scenic view of the Sydney Harbor. The Opera House also offers drinks and a delicious meal at the dining venues to create an unforgettable experience. Click the link below to book this experience.

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Find Your Nature Buddy Thanks To Jetzy

Do you love spending time in nature? What better way to enjoy nature than by camping! By going camping, you disconnect from technology and, build stronger relationships with friends and family. The Jetzy app makes it super easy to connect with other nature lovers so you can plan a camping trip. So if you’re planning a trip to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, post on the Jetzy app about your trip and, people will comment on their interest in going with you.

Start planning your upcoming trips now and use the link below to download the Jetzy app to connect with other nature lovers that can join you.

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Saturnia Thermal & Wellness From Civitavecchia Port

Do you take time every day to relax and unwind? If you’re not taking time to relax, you risk having anxiety due to stress, depression, and sleep problems. Jetzy wants to make it easy for you to unwind and, what better location to do it than the Hot Springs of Saturnia!  ​​Located in Tuscany, Italy this, natural bubbling bath is just what you need. This picture-perfect setting will help you forget your worries and calm your mind.

The Terme di Saturnia is waiting for you! Go to the link below, courtesy of Jetzy, and reserve your spot. Don't forget your swimsuit!

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Eiffel Tower Summit Priority Access

Would you like to have exclusive access to the summit at the Eiffel Tower? Jetzy can get you there. Skip the long lines and enjoy scenic views across the 2nd and 3rd floors of this extraordinary monument. You’ll be able to learn about Paris culture and traditions and you’ll even get the chance to sip champagne at the summit’s onsite bar! Once at the summit, you’ll also be able to see Gustave Eiffel’s private apartments. Don’t wait to book this exciting offer!

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Abu Dhabi Zayed Mosque Half Day Tour From Dubai

Do you ever wonder what the inside of a mosque looks like? Why not take a tour of the most famous one in Abu Dhabi! If there is a building in Abu Dhabi that you shouldn’t miss seeing, it’s the massive Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Considered one of the major contemporary Islamic architecture in the world. With a guide, you will learn all about the structure along with the cultural diversity of Islam found in its modern archetecture and design.

Make sure when taking this tour to not miss seeing the main dome and carpet. It is deemed as the largest mosque dome in the world and the carpet as the world’s largest hand-woven carpet. View this incredible temple by going to the link below courtesy of Jetzy.

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One Day Tour Chaing Rai (White Temple, Blue Temple, Black House) Private Tour

Want to have stunning photos from your trip while also learning about the culture? Blue Temple, otherwise known as Wat Rong Suea Ten Temple, is just the place. It is unique from other temples in that it has been constructed entirely in a radiant blue color. Also, it has mirrored glass mosaics plastered in blue that give sparkling reflections.

The great, standing white Buddha, in the front and back will take your photos from just subpar to incredible. Between the White Temple, the Black House, and the Blue Temple, Chiang Rai, is definitely the city of colorful temples! Get your tickets now by clicking the link below.

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Lady Elliot Island Great Barrier Reef Tour From Gold Coast

Want to see one of the seven world wonders? The Great Barrier reef located at Lady Elliot Island is the seventh wonder of the world. With a tour you can book thanks to Jetzy you can view this stunning underwater feature. On this full day tour you will take a science flight from the Gold Coast and have an arial view of all of the Australian islands. Then get on a glass bottom boat where you can see marine life and take a guided snorkel tour.

With a delicious buffet lunch on at a beachfront restaurant included this is one tour you don’t want to miss out on. Just go to the link below and through Jetzy you can book this amazing tour below.

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Semi Private Pompeii, Positano & Amalfi Coast Tour

Want to discover the beauty that Italy has to offer? Discover one of Italy’s most beautiful stretches of coastline from an Amalfi Coast day trip from Rome. Combine Italian scenery, archaeology, and history on this intimate, small-group tour, plus lunch at a local restaurant. This includes exploring a volcanic ruin of Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and exploring the beautiful town of Positano.

Enjoy this semi-private tour thanks to Jetzy. Just go to the link below and book your spot.

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Meet Coach and Entrepreneur Joanna Maass


For this Jetzy member feature let us introduce Joanna. @joanna.mrs

Joanna was born and raised in Germany and is based in Copenhagen. She lost her heart to the mountains and beach which is why she always has to be traveling around. Her vision is to inspire people and coach them.

Joanna recommends the Jetzay app and says “It will be a great way to connect with other travelers and exchange tips.

Follow the link below to learn more about Joanna and her hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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What is The Jetzy App

Is one of you’re New Year’s resolutions to travel more? According to NerdWallet 52% of people make a New Year’s Resolution to travel more. This is especially true due to recent events because working remotely increases flexibility, relaxed border restrictions help make it easy to work long distances, and vaccination rates have increased. To help you plan your upcoming trips we wanted to introduce you to the Jetzy app.

Jetzy is a free travel app that recommends cool and unique things to do on trips. Also, Jetzy connects travelers with similar interests so you won’t have to travel solo ever again. As a bonus, you can earn Jetpoints that can be redeemed for cool things. What are you waiting for! Click the link below and download Jetzy.

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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Chatuchak Weekend Market

Wonder what it’s like to go shopping on a river? If you hate walking from shop to shop and hurting your feet along with carrying heavy bags causing your arms to ache then, a floating market is for you! Experience shopping on a boat and get to interact with the friendly local vendors. Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, or order authentic local dishes at one of the food stalls. 

If a floating market isn't for you, then visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market. There you'll find ridiculously cheap quality items and lots of other products. You can haggle the price or not, but more importantly, you can shop till you drop as this trip allows customers to take their own time. Book this half-day escapade now thanks, to Jetzy!

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Big Idaho Poto Hotel

Ever wanted to stay inside a potato? If you love the comforting feeling you get when you eat Idaho potatoes, you’ll love staying in this giant potato-turned cozy getaway for two! Recycled from the Idaho Potato Commission's Big Idaho Potato Tour, this 6-ton potato has traveled on the back of a semi-truck for seven years to 48 states. Complete with a customized silo turned into a spa retreat for star gazing and the cutest jersey cow in the world.

Resting on Idaho farmland just south of downtown Boise Idaho this is one experience you don’t want to pass up. Book your stay now with the support of Jetzy by going to the link below.

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Magical Barn, Bock's Jukejoint

Tired of staying in boring hotels when you travel? Why not stay in a magical barn located in Amherst, Ohio! Bocks Jukepoint is a gorgeous recycled barn perfect for artists, musicians, and anyone wanting a unique, rustic, and whimsical place to unwind. It is complete with a saloon bar, stage for live music, back patio for a private, stunning sunset, and beautiful view of the surrounding orchards. 

Therefore if you’re planning a friend's weekend, romantic getaway, or visiting Ceder Point, then this is the place for you. Book your stay now with the help of Jetzy by clicking the link below ⬇️.

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Find Your Forever Travel Partner With Jetzy

Are you tired of traveling alone? When traveling alone, you don’t have anyone to go to dinner with, have to plan everything yourself, it’s more expensive, and it isn’t as safe to go out at night. Why not find your forever travel partner.

With Jetzy you can connect with people that live in your area or are traveling to the same destination. These people will even have the same interests, making it easier to plan your trip. What are you waiting for! Download Jetzy with the link below and start finding your forever travel partner.

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Camel Safari Day Tour in Jodhpur, India

Have you ever wanted to ride a camel? Before deciding to mount a camel and explore the Jodhpur, Thar Desert here, are a few things to keep in mind. On take-off and landing, make sure to lean backward to avoid ending up head first in the sand. Camels smell due to living in a desert and never being washed. Don’t approach a camel unless you know it’s friendly because they can kick in all directions. Cameleers love, their camels and after an hour of riding one, you will too.

Now that you know what, to expect book a sunset Jodhpur Thar Desert camel tour. Just click the link below and, thanks to Jetzy you can finally have your own iconic single file camel photo.

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Connect With Expert Vegetarians Thanks To Jetzy

Thinking about becoming a vegetarian this year? Most people when they think of vegetarian food they think of salads and tofu. This is a big misconception! Vegetarian food includes vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, pasta, dairy products and rice. Jetzy wants to help you make this lifestyle change not so scary and daunting.

On the Jetzy app, you can connect with vegetarians that are local to where you live or live someplace you are planning to travel to. They can recommend you vegetarian restaurants and share with you their favorite recipes. To start your journey with the help of an expert download, Jetzy below⬇️.

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Find A Music Buddy Thanks To Jetzy

Do you miss going to concerts? You’re in luck because the wait is finally over! This year big music events like Coachella and Stagechecoach are back. Also, some of your favorite bands and singers are going on tour. Not sure if your family or friends will want to buy a ticket? Don’t worry Jetzy’s got you covered.

On Jetzy you can connect with music lovers that are planning to go to the same events or want to buy tickets to the same concerts. So if there is one singer or band you’ve always wanted to see live but nobody you know listens to them then click below to get Jetzy and start finding your music buddy.

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Book A Room Were The New Cast Of The Bachelor Stayed

Can’t get enough of the show The Bachelor? Why not stay at the hotel where the newest season of the Bachelor’s cast and crew booked a room! Jetzy can make this happen!

For the past couple of seasons of The Bachelor, it hasn’t taken place at the iconic mansion. Instead, they were filmed at different hotels like the C Baldwin Curio Collection by Hilton. This hotel is located in Housten, Texas, and is where Clayton and the women fighting for his heart stayed. To book this hotel and live like the women on The Bachelor while also being close to major Housten attractions, click the link below ⬇️.

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Find A Shopping Buddy Thanks To Jetzy

Not sure what to do with all the money you received for Christmas? After Christmas is when stores have incredible deals because they know you are either returning gifts, received a gift card, or were given money as a gift. If you’re not sure where to spend your money or what to get with your gift card Jetzy is here to help.

On Jetzy you can connect with shopaholics that can tell you what stores have the best deals, what is worth buying or join you for a shopping spree. Get Jetzy below below and find your shopping buddy!

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Sydney Opera House New Year’s Party

Looking for the best fireworks for New Year’s Eve? Get front row seats to the world's biggest New Year's Eve fireworks under the sails of the Sydney Opera House!  These ringside seats to the greatest show on Earth are hard to come by, but now you can and you're invited thanks to Jetzy!

On the 31st, put on the bling, kick up your heels, and watch the fireworks while enjoying the unobstructed views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. So download Jetzy bwlow and get a ticket to make this your most glamorous and most memorable New Year ever!

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Use Jetzy To Find Other Culture Lovers

Do you like learning about other countries' customs, art, beliefs, food, and lifestyle? All of this is someone’s culture. Embracing different cultures through travel allows you to experience what it’s like to be part of a community other than your own. It gives you cultural awareness and acceptance which helps break down barriers while interacting with people of different backgrounds.

By downloading Jetzy you can connect with other culture lovers. You could visit a museum, go to a local food market, take a locally guided tour, or attend a local festival. To start connecting click the link below to get Jetzy.

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Harry Potter Film Locations Walking Tour

Do you recoginize this location? If you answered yes then that means you’re a big fan of Harry Potter. In just a few days the Harry Potter reunion will be coming out and we know how excited you are for it. Jetzy wants to take your excitement and give you an exclusive Harry Potter film location tour.

On this exclusive tour you will visit Digon Alley, the Ministry of Magic, the entrance to Leaky Cauldron, and more iconic locations. Also, you will be told behind-the-scenes stories from the films. To claim your spot on this once in a lifetime tour click the link below ⬇️.

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Find A Bicycling Buddy Thanks To Jetzy

Hate having to be stuck in traffic when there are places you need to be? When you're on vacation you have limited time in a new city or country so traffic isn't an option. Instead, why not hop on a bike! You’ll get to enjoy the fresh air, get your exercise for the day, and view more of the area than if you were in a car.  

On Jetzy you can connect with bicyclist that can tell you the best trails to take, what are the best areas to ride in, and they might even join you for your cycle. All you have to do is click below ⬇️ to download Jetzy and you can start connecting with other bikers.

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Meet Landscape Photographer Ciara Walkey


For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce Ciara! @ciaracwakleyphotography!! 

Ciara grew up in Arizona it’s and where she still calls home. She started hiking at a young age and has continued to explore more challenging hikes and trips that take her all over the world. Her interests combine travel, hiking, and photography. Landscape photography is her passion and what she wants to be known for.

Ciara recommends the Jetzy app and says ”From what I’ve learned it sounds like Jetzy combines all of what I have shared with into a central location! So it’s a one-stop shop for people to connect, find dining, and travel recommendations without having to research on google for days ahead of time!

Follow the link below ⬇️ to learn more about Ciara and her hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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Connect With Food Lovers On Jetzy

Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? If you said the naughty list don’t worry we have a way to get you back on Santa’s good side.

If you're not the best baker then download Jetzy. It can connect you with foodies that can tell you the best places to buy Christmas cookies. Just go to the link below and start connecting and once Santa sees and tastes your cookies you will instantly be put on the nice list.

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Perfect Christmas Gift Thanks To Jetzy JetPoints

Still trying to decide what to get your family and friends for Christmas? The clock is ticking to get your Christmas shopping complete and if you wait too long then all the best gifts will be sold out. Don’t worry Jetzy’s got you covered!

With your Jetpoints you’ve earned you can redeem your points for the perfect Christmas presents. This could be a spa voucher, restaurant voucher, or a cool travel experience you could have with friends or family to create lasting memories on your next trip. Use the link below ⬇️ to download Jetzy, redeem your points, and see the look of joy when your present is opened.

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Find A Hiking Buddy

Wondering where your next trail will take you? Views like this one are worth going off the beaten path for but hiking isn’t for everyone. This is why you may notice the wilderness is mostly empty.

When planning your next hike don’t do it alone. On Jetzy you can share your love for nature and exploring with other hikers. Remember it’s not how many miles you go but how many smiles you share so click below ⬇️ to download Jetzy.

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Spend The Holidays In New York

Have you ever wanted to travel to New York for the holidays? With the lights, decorated store windows, and enormous Christmas trees it’s no wonder people flock there every year. Also, don’t forget ice skating at the famous rink at Rockefeller Center. This means hotels will get booked quickly but with Jetzy, you will have no trouble finding an open room.

If you click the link below ⬇️ you can start selecting the dates of your trip and all the work will be done for you to score an amazing deal on an available hotel.

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Meet Wahington D.C Personal Blogger Jessy de leon


For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce Jessy! @jessy_de_leon!! 

She is from Monterrey, Mexico but has lived in the Washington DC area since July. One of her favorite hobbies is yoga. She really enjoys going to the gym, trying new restaurants around town, and sometimes being a tourist around the city. Activities include going to museums and hiking. Five years ago, she left Mexico and never went back. Then she moved to Virginia, California, Dublin, Italy, and Prague.  She actually lived in Europe for 2- and-a-half years as well. This helps explain why it is so easy for her to travel. Then, a year ago, she moved back to the United States and where she lived in Vegas for a couple of months but, she didn’t like it so, she went back to the Washington DC area.
For her, this is more than just about working all the time. Her life is about freedom, traveling, trying new cultures, discovering new cities, trying new food,  and learning new languages which, she knows three so far. In general, she enjoys everything about life in a healthy manner, without spending tons of money.

What Jessy says about the Jetzy app is,” The platform is amazing because it helps people find a way to travel and, it gives inspiration for trips and amazing tips.”

Follow the link below to learn more about Jessy De Leon and her hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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Gain Back Your Happiness

Struggling to gain back your happiness after these though past years? With everything that has happened in the world recently, we understand that you might not be feeling the laughter and joy that comes with traveling. Don’t worry you’re not alone and with the support of Jetzy, you can connect with other happiness seekers.

To start connecting and seeing that the world is not as gloomy as it’s made out to be use the link below ⬇️ to download Jetzy.

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Meet Argentina Blogger Julia


For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce Julia! @thisisjuliaxoxo!!

Julia is 20 years old and from Germany. After high school, she decided to work in the film industry and get some experience in that field. Her other passion is traveling with her backpack to unknown places. She always needs to be on the road and as a result of this next week, she plans to travel to Argentina.

Julia recommends the Jetzy app and says, ”On the one hand, of course, it’s a; great opportunity to connect with people during your travels but also to contact others to get tips and insights from different places in the world. The best thing about Jetzy is you can find inspiration, ideas, or events for your journey from rewards or by using the maps! It’s also an opportunity to figure out new things you would never think about doing!”

Follow the link below ⬇️ to learn more about Julia and her hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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10% OFF Barrie House Coffee

Do you need help waking up in the morning? You’re not the only one because 65% of Americans need coffee in the morning as well. That’s why coffee is the perfect gift to give to someone for the holidays.

Thanks to Jetzy you can get 10% off Barrie House Coffee. This is premium handcrafted coffee straight from your home. You can buy whole bean, ground, single-serve capsules, expresso capsules, and french press. To claim this deal click the link below ⬇️.

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Meet Artist Denis Ouch


Denis is a half-Russian half-American artist that lives in Saint Petersburg and NYC. He loves painting anything that is a colorful, beautiful, impactful, and social art. He loves this world and wants to make it even better. OUCH is his name and a statement at the same time. You can help him by promoting a greener world.

Denis recommends the Jetzy app and says, ”The platform can help other people realize that this world is very beautiful and worth the effort to keep healthy and clean.”

Follow the link below ⬇️ to learn more about Denis and his hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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Emily In Paris Tour

Did you fall in love with the show Emily In Paris on Netflix? The new season comes out on December 22nd and, why not this time; while you watch it say “I’ve Been There.”

With a $35 Airbnb voucher from Jetzy, you can take a tour of her apartment, office, and bakeries, and restaurants she goes to. This; is the most-complete tour that will immerse you as if you were Emily and; will give you a real taste of Paris. All you have to do is click the link below ⬇️ and discover all filming locations.

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Meet The Owner Of Beetree Studios Bisma Tabisha


For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce Bisma Tabish! @beeteestudioschicago!!

She is the backbone of Beetee Studios Chicago. Bisma is a Chicago-based full-time teacher and an influencer, crafter, and entrepreneur by passion. She has a few small-scale business ventures functioning under the roof of Beetee Studios Chicago. 

Bisma Tabish recommends the Jetzy app and says, “A platform like Jetzy, where people with similar travel interests connect, is a great opportunity for all travel enthusiasts to share their experiences. As well as serving as an information provider or guide for all the new travelers exploring various new locations”.

Follow the link below ⬇️ to learn more about Bisma and her hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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The Inside House Hotel in Chiang, Thailand

Want to get away from the winter weather? When preparing for a vacation one, of the hardest things to book is a hotel. With Jetzy, you won’t have to stress over this and can stay at a fabulous hotel like The Inside House in Chiang, Thailand. It offers free cancellations, allows you to sightsee from your room, and you can relax in their hot spring bath. 

To book this hotel or another wonderful one, click the link below ⬇️.

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Meet Seattle-Based Influencer Astika Gupta


For this week's Jetzy member feature, let us introduce Astika Gupta! @astika_gupta!! 

Astika is a Seattle-based influencer and content creator from Seattle. She has a master's from UC Berkeley and was a product leader at Facebook.

Follow the link below ⬇️ to learn more about Astika Gupta and her hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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Austria Snowboarding

Want to snowboard somewhere that isn’t the typical slopes? Eat, sleep, plough through powder, repeat in the Austrian Alps of Tyrol. Together with the region being located in unreal Contiki you’ll never want to get off your board.

Secure your spot on this two-week Austria ski trip by using the link below ⬇️.

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Blue Apron $100 Off 5 Boxes

Hate coming home after a long trip and seeing there’s no food in the fridge? With Blue Apron, you won’t have to worry about this ever again! Their meals are delivered weekly and, you can skip a delivery whenever.  Also, you can choose up to a serving size for four people and have leftovers.

If you click the link below ⬇️, you can get an exclusive Jetzy Blue Apron offer. Receive your first five boxes for $100 Off.

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Extreme Huskies Finland Dog Sledding

Have you ever experienced mushing? With a passion for mushing, Extreme Huskies offers the most authentic husky safaris in Ivalo. The safaris are led by skilled guides who tell you about life with our many Alaskan huskies that lead the safari through a beautiful Lapland scenery.

Reserve this once-in-a-lifetime sightseeing expedition by going to the link below ⬇️.

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Connect With Other Business Travelers

It's not uncommon when constantly traveling for work to feel lonely. Not only is it hard to get on a plane knowing that wherever you're going it’s for work but, no one is going with you.

Instead of staying in and ordering room service download, Jetzy! Just click the link below, and you can connect with other business travelers with who you can get together for dinner.

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Connect With Other Girls and Make New Friends

Due to busy schedules, it can be hard to get together with your friends. Instead of having a girls' weekend why not make it a week or two someplace where you can get away from the stress, just have fun, and connect with other girls to make new friends.

Allow Jetzy to help you make the most of your girls' trip by clicking the link below ⬇️ to download the app.

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Black Friday Camelbak Deal

If your a bicyclist then you know having the perfect backpack is essential. It needs to be comfortable for carrying, easy to attach to your lugge carrier, and give you more stability. A CamelBak backpack is all of that and more.

This Black Friday if you use code HOLIDAY25 you can save 25% on a Camelbak backpack. Click the link below ⬇️ to find your ideal bag.

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Harriosin's Cave Tram and Nature Walk

A sight to behold is the beautiful formations at Harrison’s Cave. Upon entrance, you are greeted by stunning formations of stalagmites and stalactites.  This is the only drive-in cave that you may find.

The Harrisons Cave Tram and Nature Walk is one of many experiences offered by Sandals Royal Barbados. Reserve your spot by clicking the link below ⬇️.

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Win A $35 Airbnb Voucher For Experiences

The walk to Açu Castles is full of beautiful viewpoints that reward the effort. The cake’s cherry is the end of stretch, where we get to Açu Castles, giant rock blocks on the top of Morro do Açu, almost 2200 meters high.

Before clicking the link below ⬇️ and booking this unforgettable experience post a photo on Jetzy to be entered to win a $35 Airbnb voucher. The winner will be chosen randomly and the voucher good towards future experiances will get sent to your Jetzy account.

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Private Custom Santorini Island Tour

View the Santorini you want to see. Want to walk around one of the pictoure-postcard villages and relax on the black beach? No problem just tell your guide. 

Book your exclusive tour by going to the link below ⬇️

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Connect With Other Travel Photographers

Want to step up your photography skills but not sure how?

Get Jezty by clicking the link below ⬇️ and connect with other travel photographers to learn their secrets to art gallery worthy photos.

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.   MEET BRANA DANE! Follow the link below to learn more about Brana and her hard work that inspires other models and activists around the world!!

Smile with Brana!!

For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce Brana Dane!! She is a “superolemodel” and TV Host for FNL Network on Amazon Prime. She has around 100k followers across multiple platforms and 50k on my Instagram, @branadane. She endeavors to not only showcase beauty and style but also use her platforms to advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle. She has worked with luxury sustainable fashion brands such as le Shadi, Dos Gardenias and Monica Vinader among others.

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Royal Palace of Madrid Guided Tour

Have you ever dreamed of entering a royal palace while you were a kid and pretend you were royalty? Well, now you finally can with this inside access to the Royal Palace of Madrid, which used to be the official residence of the kings of Spain. 🏰

To skip the long line and enter the palace directly click the link below 👇🏻

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San Igancio Grey Whale Season

Learn how you can receive 50% OFF a San Igancio Grey Whale Season Open by clicking the link below 👇

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Win $35 AIRBNB voucher by making a post on Jetzy app and enjoy unique stay at an eco-friendly retreat just minutes from all of Rhinebeck and see what the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Follow the link below⬇️ to book this experience!!

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Experience great food while enjoying the gorgeous view of the whole Kuala Lumpur on top of KL Tower

Follow the link below⬇️ to book this unforgetable experience!!

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Enjoy this Diwali with JETZY COMPLEMENTARY DEAL and learn how to make healthy, aromatic and delicious Diwali drinks right at home using spices!!

Post a photo on Jetzy app with caption #JETZYME and WIN $35 AIRBNB voucher.

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Revive yourself on an adventure you won’t want to miss and enjoy desert heat, pine forests and coastal breezes at best places of California and in Death Valley!!

Click the link below⬇️ to book this unforgettable trip and find out other best travel destinations on jetzy app

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For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce SHAY! @sightseeingsenorita

Follow the link below⬇️ to learn more about Shay and her hard work that inspires travelers around the world!!

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Get authentic recommendations for travel and lifestyle experiences on Jetzy app!!

Sign up on Jetzy app to discover unique travel spots around the world!!

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Savor an exquisite, four-course dinner experience aboard the city's famed wheel!!

Follow the link below to enjoy an unforgettable night on the Singapore Flyer

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Sign up to get unpublished rates & complimentary deals and vouchers at World's best hotels and restaurants on Jetzy app!!

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Don't you feel like making world class cocktails at home? Book this complimentary virtual Airbnb experience and learn how to make Mezcal/tequila with a team of award winning bartenders!!

Follow the link below⬇️ and book this amazing experience!!

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Take a break from your busy schedule and embark yourself on a 4-day excursion within Torres del Paine National Park and hike the famous W Trek!!

Follow the link below ⬇️ to know more about this adventurous trip!!

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What are your plans for this Halloween?🧛‍♀️

Join us on a virtual tour and explore the stories and remnants of former "Wild West" Ghost towns during the Gold Rush years, which attracted everyone from miners, to cowboys and criminals!!

Click the link below⬇️ to book this scary experience!!

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For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce Lauren Wax! @eats.and.the.city !! 
She is a NY-based influencer and content creator. She lived in the city for over 10 years and recently moved to the suburbs during Covid (only 30 minutes from the city!)

Lauren Wax recommends Jetzy app and says, ”I think people are always looking for new travel apps to make their planning and stay more efficient! It’s so much more reliable and authentic connecting with individuals just like me and my followers

Follow the link below⬇️ to learn more about Lauren Wax and her hard work that inspires others around the world!!

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Learn how to cook Pasta from scratch with grandma and let her share with you her culinary secrets and the traditional authentic Pasta technique

Get a $35 Airbnb voucher by inviting 5 people on the Jetzy app and redeem this voucher in our rewards section for 1500 Jet points. Follow the link below⬇️ to book this experience!!

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Experience the World Famous Venice Electric Light Bike Parade during sunset!!

Post a photo on Jetzy app with the caption "JETZY ME" to win a $35 VOUCHER and become a part of this ⬇️ mesmerizing parade!!

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Get spooky with us this Halloween!!

Join us on a virtual COMPLIMENTARY AIRBNB experience and learn how to bake Halloween special Pumpkin & Chocolate Babka & Kolaches!!

Click the link below to book this experience by posting a photo on the Jetzy app with the caption "JETZY ME WITH HALLOWEEN"

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Have you ever experienced electric submarine scooter?

Follow the link below⬇️ to book this unforgetable experience and revive yourself on one of a kind underwater adventure in Oahu!!🐬


Hop abroad on a 14 days trip to Australia's east coast and experience some uncommon adventures!

Click the link below⬇️ to know more about this unforgettable experience and enjoy trekking, sailing and other adventurous sports all in one tour

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Do you have a craving for Real Spanish Tapas & Sangria?

Click the link below⬇️ to book this COMPLIMENTARY AIRBNB online experience by uploading a photo on the Jetzy app!!

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For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce SAMYA MOHAMED! (@samyatakesover)


She is a Product review influencer, Currently living in New York City. She has been recently nominated as a finalist for Product Review Influencer of the year on The American Influencer Awards. Fitness is a big part of her life, she starts each day with a workout to help stimulate a positive view on the rest of her day. Her interests are Lifestyle,Fitness,Travel,Fashion.

To learn more about Samya Mohamed, click the link below⬇️


Join us on a LIVE virtual journey to search for the variety of South African Wildlife that inhabit the reserve. Get close enough to observe free-roaming wildlife in their habitat!!

Enter in our contest by making a post on JETZY APP to get a $35 AIRBNB voucher and experience this virtual tour for free!!

Follow the link below⬇️


Embark on thrilling walks in Zion National Park and discover the natural hidden treasures of this fascinating region alongside local experts!!

Click the link in our bio⬆️ to know more about this adventurous experience!!


Enjoy 40% discounted ticket as you ride on the world's tallest observation wheel and see the city of Las Vegas sparkle at night!!

Click the link below to book this mesmerizing experience!!

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🎊 Enter into the JETZY contest to avail a $35 AIRBNB voucher

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Want to go on a relaxing vacation during your getaway?

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Would you like to hop on the theme park thrill rides to make an even bigger splash!

Click the link below to download Jetzy app and know about this thrilling experience!!

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Want to have a blissful day while experiencing yoga in Forest park, on the grass on art hill?

Click the link below⬇️ to book this relaxing experience!!

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Want to enjoy a complimentary boat ride and other amazing free deals at Lakeside hotel, Malawi!!

Follow the link below to download Jetzy app and claim this reward!!

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Plan a trip or weekend with your go to person and explore curated gateway locations !!

Download Jetzy app and click the link below ⬇️ so you don't miss out on these amazing new locations!!

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Want to experience the magic world of Disney?

Download Jetzy app and try out all the classic Disney rides with a discounted ticket!!

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Have you ever experienced diving with Great white sharks?

Click the link in our bio to know about this 6 days adventurous tour!!

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Want to take a break from your busy schedule? Get 35% off and 6th Night free on your next vacation

Click the link below to know more about this discounted deal!🧡

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Follow the link below to learn more about Andrea and Chris and their hard work that inspires photographers around the world!!

Smile with Andrea and Chris

For this week’s Jetzy feature member, let us introduce Andrea and Chris!! Andrea and Chris are from Spain and Uk, currently living in Spain. They both love photography and being able to travel together and capturing every memory makes them so happy. They always try to visit countries that have fascinating landscapes like beautiful beaches, mountains or even cities. For them, it is very important to experience new cultures and cuisines. They love everything that is new to them, so they try to visit places they have not been before.

Interview with Andrea and Chris ›

Revive yourself this summer on a Kayak guided tour at Russian river!!

Click the link in our bio to know more about this refreshing tour

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Do you like to explore natural wonders of the world? Discover the unique charm of the Niagara falls at discounted price!!

Click the the link below to know more about this beautiful experience

Download JETZY App and connect with other nature lovers!

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Follow the link to learn more about Brianne Manz and her hard work that inspires mothers around the world!!

Meet Brianne!

Smile with @strollerinthecity

Once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger/writer.  Brianne lives in New York City with her husband, three children and puppy Cooper. Brianne blog Stroller In The City boasts about city living, family travel, kids fashion and all things mommy.

Some helpful recommendations by Brianne for the Jetzy community-

As a BUSY New York family  Brianne loves everything the urban jungle has to offer, from restaurants, rooftops, parks, and even spa's and nail salons, NYC is definitely an amazing place for families. And while Brianne loves her own backyard it hasn't stopped them from exploring places across the pond,(Paris & London) and south of the border ( Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, & Jamaica) .  Brianne is definitely looking forward to a fun filled summer now that the world is moving towards its new normal post covid.

Meet Brianne Manz ›

For the Love of Fencing, Fitness, and Travel

Meet Fati! An outstanding athlete, and avid traveler. Follow our link to learn more about her endeavors and adventurous lifestyle!

Hey Fati! ›

Hiking trails!!

Click the link to download Jetzy App and redeem Jet points for discounted travel deals!!

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Haustronaut Mentality

Interview with DJ, traveler,
artist, producer,and writer Motoe Haus! Follow the link!

Meet Motoe Haus ›

Greek Adventures!

Follow this link to the JETZYapp where you find out where the pictures in Greece were taken by @flipflopwanderers, and more tours about the beautiful and colorful country!

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NYC Sightseeing Passes

Entry to 4 Observation Decks, Central Park and Bronx Zoos, NY Aquarium, St. Patrick's Cathedral Tour, 6 Double-decker Bus Tours, 3 Day access to Metropolitan Museum of Art and Go Airlink airport shuttle - only with these Sightseeing Passes.

Discover Flower Gardens

Follow our link for Flower Garden Experiences from Seattle to Taichung!

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Experience stay in Tree house and resort

Step into another world as you cross the 70’ suspension bridge into the floating house in the trees. Complete with private bathroom, spa, and pavilion for treehouse guests only. The treehouse has a rustic cabin feel, featuring beautiful wood paneling, and giant tree trunks jutting from floor to ceiling

Jetzy cabin experience ›

Meet Maza Travel!

Follow this link to learn more about Maza Travel and her hard work that inspires travelers around the world!

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These sightseeing passes give access to over 150+ attractions in the NYC area! Choose daily or weekly tickets and start walking through gates like rockstars!

I ❤️ NYC ›

Sailing Croatia

Whether you're looking for relaxed afternoons lazing on the deck of a yacht or time to indulge in the nightlife, this eight-day sailing trip aims to please. Discover charming villages and stunning scenery as you sail from Split to Dubrovnik on a small yacht. Matchmaking won't be needed to help you fall in love with the country, culture, or the region's beauty during hikes to castles and waterfalls. Toss in beach barbecue and snorkelling and you have an incredible yet affordable island getaway.

Let’s go sailing! ›