Hey, I’m Jess!

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Decorator and shampoo dealer

I love designing things and making art. So much so that I work in the film industry in the art department! See that rug there? Right there. Yea, I placed that there. See that phone case the actor is using? Yeaaaa, I went to multiple stores to source the perfect one for the scene. I love what I do!
Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, the film industry paused. I turned my focus on photography, designing art for a journal company, and designing new house projects with my husband.

I also have been having major hair problems since a show I acted in had me get a perm... which was done by a new beauty student... I discovered Monat after seeing an old high school friend, as well as my sister in law, both posting about their love for this new company. After two weeks, I was hooked! My hair was getting back to how it was before the perm!

Knowing that I could use my love for art and photography while helping others achieve their hair goals is what got me to sign up as a Market Partner! I love that I can make my own hours and work it around my filming schedule when it starts back up!

To start on an amazing hair journey, all it cost me was $199 for a bunch of hair and skin products I was already planning on purchasing (and it was 47% off) 🥰

Hair care done right

Vegan, naturally based, anti-aging hair care

Before I started using Monat, I was suffering from a bad perm that made my hair dull, brittle, frizzy beyond belief, and ultra dry. Legit bald spot in the back of my head 😳 I had tried everything from collagen supplements, and keratin treatments to salon quality shampoos and conditioners. Nothing stood up to the first wash from Monat shampoo and conditioner. Nothing came close to the performance of Monat.
After the first wash, I knew that I had found the answer to my two year long problem. A month in, my hair had grown. It was shiny. Bouncy. There was volume and thickness (my hair is usually fine). No frizz. Hair was growing in!
I began to add the styling products. I would forget that I had product in my hair because it was so weightless. The styling products aren’t sticky or heavy! The only way I knew I had something in my hair was that it was styled really well. Like, my hair that doesn’t hold a curl suddenly held curls for 2 days!
Not everybody will have the exact same results. But, if you give it a try, you won’t regret it. It’s the best switch I’ve ever made! Plus, we offer 30 day money back guarantee if, for whatever reason, you aren’t in love.

Glow up!

Treat yourself with all natural, anti-aging skin care

Newer to the skincare game, Monat is already turning heads and giving that wow factor! These products have been created to optimize texture and elasticity, all while brightening and toning. They minimize wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines!
I suffer from adult acne. The struggle is real, y’all. The only products in the past that have minimized my pores have had chemicals that have strange side effects and are most definitely NOT NATURAL.
I haven’t been using the Monat skin care line for long yet, but I am already seeing some promising results!
Do you have concerns about sensitive skin? We have a product line for you! Let’s find out which skin care regimen is best for you!

3 Ways to Monat

*photos come from girls on my team until I am able to take my own pictures!

Retail customer

No commitment. Pay full price for products + shipping. Treat yo self!

VIP it up

ONE TIME $19.99 fee for lifetime membership. Get immediate access to everything at 15% off (with more ways to save).

You will get access to:
- my personal Fb group for hair/skin tips as well as info on when flash sales drop
- purchase plus program ( additional 15-25% off depending on retail value in cart)
- free only for you product with our flexible shipping program
- jaw dropping flash sales
- free shipping
- recommendations and help from me

Join the Biz

For as little as $199 you can be your own boss, work you’re own hours, and build your way to the top (all with my help! You will never be alone in the process).

You’ll receive:
- a large box of products (at LEAST 47% off) for your personal use. We don’t keep inventory!
- at least 30% off all future orders (after your product pack)
- purchase plus program (additional 15-25% off depending on retail cost in cart)
- support from an entire team. We help each other grow in the business as well as in life. If you’re looking for friends, then heeyyyyy!
- free social media and trainings from myself and other successful people in this business
- a free website where people can purchase from (we don’t keep inventory!)

So, whatever product pack you choose to start the business is at least 47% off of products you would most likely already buy, AND you get to start your business, AND get some free samples, AND a free website, AND free training and help.

Honestly, even if you just want that extra discount and don’t plan on selling anything, that’s totally fine too :) There is never a financial penalty for not selling.
Message me and we can get on a call or text (whichever you prefer) if you want to know more details!