Inabel Weaving of Ilocos

Woven cloth suits for everyday use

Ilocos region has many prides to be proud with in the whole world. And one of this is the Inabel Weaving. Inabel came from the word “Abel” which is an Ilocano word for weave, and “inabel” can be mean to any kind of woven fabric. It is handmade cloth that only master weavers are making it and each piece of cloth carries the Ilocos culture and tradition. To make this kind of masterpiece they need to practice skills in synchronizing hands and feets to properly use the wooden handloom.

Inabel is a textile that origins in Ilocos and is a form of weaving tradition to native people in Ilocos.

Inabel weaving are made by the master weavers of Ilocos using the Traditonal Process of weaving using the Abel cloth. The process begins with preparing the cotton, removing seeds, pounding, twisting using a spindle and winding the cotton yard into the skeiner. The skeined yarn is brushed to make it glossy and durable and if the yarn is ready it’s time to make the loom. The primary colours that they produce well then mix to produce another set colours.

The Inabel Weaving is not only the pride of Ilocos but also in the Philippines, it gives another products that the nature can give. The Inabel is commonly used as curtains, table cloths, and even bed linen . And as of now in the town of Pinili in Ilocos Norte has been offering weaving courses to all interested individuals since 2018 , it is presided by Magdalena Gamayo one of the country’s National Living Treasures.

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