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Nice to meet you! I’m Jia-e and I’m based in Malaysia 🇲🇾

Currently running my own global business in beauty, health and fitness industry. 🦋 I’m looking for young and positive individuals for my business expansion!

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Before Nu Skin

How Did I Venture Into This Business

This picture was taken in October 2019 when I was attending the global convention at Nu Skin headquarter in the States. 💘

Prior to starting Nu Skin business, I was already doing my own social media marketing business. Although it was doing well and the income was good, but I clearly know that there are many uncertainties in this industry as it’s getting more competitive each day. I started to look around for other opportunities and I found Nu Skin.

What attracted me was the technology, time flexibility, as well as the compounding passive income that this platform offers. I believe that in order to have a future that is secured and comfortable, I’ve got to have sustainable income.

It has been 2 and a half years now and I see growth in my global business as well as my personal development. I aspire to share this amazing opportunity that has improved myself and my life to many around me. ❤️

My Top Picks! —

Sharing some of our top rated best-sellers in the market that I personally use, and how it can definitely help to improve your skin and health! 💘


Loving and caring your skin is so simple and effective when you do it in the right way! Utilising our Discovery Channel featured science - AgeLOC, our beauty trilogy has been awarded as the No.1 At-Home Beauty Devices in the world! 🌏

The Beauty Trilogy consists of:-
💘 Lumispa, the world’s first dual-action treatment cleanser, in 1 step, 2 minutes, it delivers 7 skincare benefits and at the same time helps to remove make up too! Say goodbye to double cleansing! It is also super effective in minimising pore size and stimulates collagen production under your skin, keeping it firm and healthy.
💘 Galvanic Spa, a treatment device that helps in V-shaping your face, removing scars, ironing wrinkles and fine lines. Owning this device is equivalent to owning a whole facial salon. Coming together with different attachment heads, this device is able to help fix hair loss, detoxification of lymph nodes and many more!
💘 Me, the world’s first customisable skincare robot. Yes you get to customize your own skincare regimen based on what your skin really needs! It has more than 2000 combinations of skin types and is able to target right where you need to fix.

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Face Mask Fix Everything 🕊

Putting on face mask is so important in your skincare routine! My personal favourite is definitely the:-
💖 Waterfull Mask, it consists of 7 types of hyaluronic acid that helps to boost your hydration.
💖 Epoch Marine Mud, it has 50 skin beneficial minerals and trace elements that helps in many ways such as drawing out impurities and toxins out from your skin, reducing acne and many more!
💖 Powermask, the most advanced hydration mask that I’ve ever seen. Specifically designed to be paired with Galvanic Spa, it helps to quench your skin’s thirst and increase hydration, brightness, smoothness and promote younger looking skin!

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Get Fit with TR90 ⚡️

Always wanted to be more fit and healthy? Your solution is here! TR90 is the world’s first and only genetic based body shaping system, where it helps you to achieve your body goals in just 90 days! No starving, no excessive exercises needed. I’ll personally coach you 1-to-1!

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