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你好,很开心在这里和你相遇,也感谢你的点击开启了和我一起探索一起改变生活的机会!点击 ➡️ 带你认识我💖

Hello. Nice to meet you! Thank you for your interest to join me in this journey.
I'm coach JiaYing, i help people to look hot and confident!

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10 Day Lean & Tone Project

- Get Lean & Toned
- Learn Healthy Eating Habits
- Shrink Belly
- Fat Loss

How Does it work?

My Journey

I’m petite in size, and never bother about what I eat. People used to tell me that I have “quota” to eat anything I want.

I used skip breakfast, eat supper and fast food and sleep 3-4 hours every day. I suffered constipation, low in energy and getting more chubby.

I met my coach a year ago and I was attracted by the solution that she provide which focus on balanced nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

Just by making a smarter choice and developing a lifestyle change, everything got better! My constipation problem solved and my energy level improves a lot! Best thing is I no need to starve myself to get better body shape! Then, I embarked on our body transformation challenge to get next level result, I've lose 5kg in total, 7%body fats and get in the best shape of my life ❤️❤️

I was someone with completely zero knowledge and experience in nutrition and fitness, in fact I hated workout so much!

I used to skip breakfast, zero workout, eat unhealthy food, supper, fast food, sleep late, alcohol etc, somehow weight was never my issue however I got really unfit, lethargic and feel weak all the time until I developed the belly.

I was stubborn, I thought I didn't need nutrition because I was still so young and skinny. Until I practised 80% nurturing and 20% exercise, I got my results and I've been maintaining it comfortably for past 5 years!

lot of my friends know that I’m a foodie and an active person as well. I love to hunt for nice food 🤤 and I do play badminton 🏸 , swim 🏊🏻‍♀ and working out 🏋🏻‍♀ at home ⁣⁣
Nevertheless I’ve always been concerned about my weight too. I always wanted to be like those skinny people who eat a lot but wouldn’t gain any weight at all. After all my exercises I will pamper myself by eating a lot (again) because I thought that I deserved it. Now I know why I never get to lose weight 🙈⁣⁣
One day, I connected with my coach and she brought me into fit club community with a fun and stress-free environment 💕⁣⁣
I got to learn about the concept of 80% nutrition & 20% exercise. After joining the 10 Days Lean & Tone Project I’ve not only lost 3kg BUT also solved my constipation problem 💩 I’ve learnt how to portion my meals, what is good/not good for my body⁣⁣
The joke about “Eat more only got energy to lose weight” is true but with the condition of eating the right food 💪🏻⁣⁣

I started my journey because I was searching for a 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄.
As simple as I do not want to wear L size because of my body size, I want to shape up and fit into S.⁣⁣
I tried so many ways to lose weight such as skipping meal, detox products, weight lose pill ... but I bounce back and i felt depress 😭😭
When I looking for a way stop all these....⁣⁣
⁣⁣I bumped into my coach and she share with me the 10 Days Lean & Tone Project! I love the concept of 🌱80% nutrition & 20% workout 🌱It's soooo FUN to learn all the nutrition tips & facts in order to understand my body better !!!⁣⁣
🌈 Throughout the enjoyable journey, I had lose total 10kg & 8% body fats and the best part is.. I see myself in a better version!

I feel more energetic🏃🏻‍♀️, cheerful 🧘🏻‍♀️, confident💃🏻 & most importantly I got shit everyday hehe💩⁣⁣

I'm a mother of 1, working in the advertising industry and I'm 30 years young this year.

Started off a year ago, I actually struggled with my own body confidence, I actually thought I have to accept the fact that this is me. But deep down I hated my body, I was spreading negative vibes to everyone I was closed to.

I tried many ways to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight for 5 years, spent a huge amount of money to slimming center, signed-up the gym and hired personal trainer, consumed diet pills, intermittent fasting, yoyo diet, you name it I've done it all!

But it's never given me a satisfying result until I got the courage to contact my Coach Benny. I lost a total of 15kgs, reduced 12% of body fats and body age at 20 years young.

Losing weight was my 1st objective, but after going through everything together with all the coaches around me, I was inspired to continue this lifestyle that changed my life, and going out to help more people waking up every day feeling great ☀

Keep the strong will, share your story to people around you, you will never know who needs your help. One at a time ❤

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