Global Traveler/ Entrepreneur

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Hi I am Rojina and I am an international student at SFSU.
I started my online business with Monat two months ago!!

What did I see with this company that made me want to join the community?

The products were already working for me and I didn’t wanted to miss out on making an income. You have all the tools and resources right here and there are leaders and mentors who are there to guide you.

Financial freedom, 1:1 Mentorship, Personal and Professional development and so much more.

Two months in and I hit two ranks with the company. I want to help people find purpose and passion in life. I am working to break generational curses and fulfill my
purpose as an international student. I want to make my parents proud of their daughter and be someone who would become an inspiration to my people back home. I am looking to mentor people who want to gain financial freedom. I am constantly striving to make a difference in the world and become a better person ❤️

Come join me and become a part of a healthy business revolution!!!! YOU are not alone in THIS!!!

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