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MOD : Shopee c/o , GGX , SDD
MOP : GCash , paypal
Reservation: 3 days
Location : Makati

Terms & Conditions

I set this T & C's to avoid misunderstanding and ungrateful interaction/transactions.

• Payment First Policy

no payment = no shipping.
those who will not take note of the deadline of payment will be posted as a bogus buyer

• Strictly No Cancellation

once your item is already purchase from me or any seller, please don't cancel. The cancellation fee is worth 50% of the total of your order

• Be Patient

items are usually shipped 3-4 weeks to my kr address after the purchase. rushed orders are only allowed for onhand items.

• Private information of buyer

update me for any changes regarding your personal information such as address , contact number or username. this will make it easier for us to contact you regarding any concerns.

• KR-PH shipping

I am not liable for any defects present on the items during its travel from korea to Philippines.

PH-PH shipping

I prefer using ggx on shopee and thru their app. The reason why I don't use JNT was because I experienced 3 consecutive lost parcels from shopee with them. So as far as I can, I want to prevent this happening to my future transactions with my buyers.

For Pahanaps (Yangdo and Bunjang)

Please provide photos or complete details about your pahanaps.

Simple note

You can call me on anyways you want. I'm comfortable with anything BUT please refrain from calling me "pst" "oi" . Please know your boundaries! ~


You can find the Masterlist on the next page of this list. If you haven't found your username (@) on the masterlist within 24 hours please don't hesitate to approach me please. Thankyouu~