Hello I'm Jinni!

How I started on Ketones?

Weight loss.

It’s an area that I’d been struggling with for more than 10 years. Exercising by itself was never effective enough, or at least not enough to keep me motivated long enough to see any results. In my early 20s, I was introduced to a product that contained sibutramine. And yes, if you’ve seen the warnings from HSA or any other articles, you’ll know that this is an extremely dangerous content that has a variety of potentially life threatening effects. Because it worked so well and fast for me, I went into cycles of being on and off it - and with that my weight and health went up and down along with it.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) back in 2017. Having PCOS meant that I’ve insulin resistance, which partially explains why I constantly have bad cravings and an insatiable appetite for carbs and sugar. (No kidding I can have 4 pkts of instant noodles at one go.) The other part being my lack of willpower to resist cravings.

To better manage my PCOS and to prepare my body for kids, my gynae had set a goal for me to reduce weight and start a healthier lifestyle. Not gonna lie, I was very tempted to turn to sibutramine again. This time, however, it was different and I knew there’s no shortcut to make my body healthier. With PCOS and plans for kids, looking slim doesn’t necessarily mean my body is healthy. Looking slim was no longer the main goal, the goal is to be healthier, stronger, and in turn I will look better. There’s no cheat code to being healthy.

I made several life changes since. I had initially started working out daily with blogilates, keto diet and subsequently intermittent fasting. This was very challenging. Keto flu was bad and there seems to be minimal progress. I felt demoralised, frustrated and close to going back to sibutramine. I came across Charlotte Kiew’s IG and she introduced Prüvit ketones. I’ve also read some reviews of others taking ketones and succeeded — after trying organic method of exercising and eating healthier, which was not working as well for them either. I came to learn that ketones was not just a weight loss supplement and one may take it for better general health too. In fact, many children and elders are taking ketones too.

I decided to give it a try and it has been life changing. For the first time in my life, I felt arms and abs muscle building was achievable (ketones help with muscle preservation, dieting alone can result in muscle loss). Previously, I could only look at others with envy eyes. Anyhow, ketones has greatly helped me with my sense of self-worth and thereby the quality of my personal relationships with my husband and family. While I have yet to reach my ultimate goal, I’m very hopeful to continue my journey to better health and weight loss with Prüvit. Join me in my journey and let’s work together towards better health and body composition.