Happiest Birthday to the LOML!

To Khrazheia

you’re the most precious person I have until now and I badly wanted to make you happier everytime. I just hope i could always but we can’t oppose how things have to be struggling but you know I’ll just be here with you through your ups and downs. please always remember that things about us might change but not with the way i love you so. this love i have for you already in deeper place at my heart and that couldn’t easily be replaced or vanished. tank you for making my life wonderful and even better.

i know you are going through a lot in your life and i witnessed how hard you are struggling because of the obstacles. but like i always assures you, we can always be better together. sadness, pain, loneliness and even other negative feelings will always try to bring us down and makes us feel worse. despite of that, i am m here to give you a leap of hope and to make you feel better.

you are appreciated very much, your existence matters, especially to me, the most. I think I have always told you how much you mean to me but I don’t think I still can’t explain how much it is. but that is something i can work about, i’ll choose to stay to keep on saying how much i adore you, need you, want you and love you. for all the times we have, you still make my heart flutter and my minutes to think about only you. you’re still making me fall for you despite of the imperfections we both have.

I really hope you’ll enjoy your special day and i wanted to make this day even happier for you! thank you so much for loving me, for making me feel special, for staying with me and for literally everything. i love you so much and i am sure you know that baby. we get older but my heart and soul still belongs to you, as always.