JLB Custom Bicycles Cleveland TN.

Bikes for kids and adults at prices far below average market

Since July 4th 2020 JLB has been refurbishing bicycles and non running lawn equipment. To keep these items out of landfills and scrap yards,and put them in the hands of children and families that will use them. Our goal in 2020 was to save 1 metric ton bicycles and lawn equipment,along with the fuels and crank case oils that soak into the land,eventually into our own water table. I'm proud to say in 2020,we salvaged over 2.5 tons or 4500lbs and we're still salvaging these items today. Refurbishing these old forgotten bicycles and making new memories for those in our local area for literally pennies on the pound. Our prices are designed to fuel the project. Putting over 75% of all money raised back into the service we.provide. We set out to make a dollar.But we're in awe of the difference we made even more. Turning garbage to giggles,and rust into rebirth.
The city of Cleveland reached out to us along with Ooltawa Chattanooga and other surrounding areas. In the forms of donations,and simple word of mouth. Our little engines that couldn't,suddenly could again. And okd rusted forgotten bicycles were now new memories for satisfied customers,single parents on a budget,and even local businesses who NO time for DOWN time. With our borders closed to imports ,and a nation locked down. JLB stood as a salvation to children,families,and accomplished riders alike. And local grounds keeping businesses had trade in services and loaners so they could keep working and we could keep our project going. The name spread quickly,and we were.soon running low on inventory and replacement parts. Then the public gave back to us for what we'd done for them. Odd jobs that included donations for free yard cleaning service,and some surprises in meeting new.people and ideas,even free drop offs of old bikes or some bike parts through trades. And learned to make something from nothing. And we started on the 4th of July. I do it alone now,but not really. The community gives back and the spirit lives on in Cleveland Tennessee.