My future

I am so excited about comprehension of all the amazing future advances: technology, Bitcoin, chain block, environmental and diversity progression

I have hope that after a world of pain, illness and unfortunately death that we as people will see how important our actions are. Yes, kindness is free and we as a human just went through one of the largest unexpected events of all time. Half a million people dying in the world is not impossible but it happening less then 2 years is mind boggling. At least in the last five hundred years which is everyone alive today. Life is a gift, humans are fragile, our health to include mental, physical and spiritual are so important to protect us from diseases. We have found how our bubble or family and friends became part of our shield against Covid. My friends all were vaccinated and my family too. Luckily we all have made it through this challenging time including my 93-year old father, who also lived through the Spanish Flu.
But back to kindness, through out the Pandemic people lots jobs, homes and lives but the one thing beside your body and health that cannot be taken from you is your positive attitude. It has been a really rough couple of years for many of us and we all may not have as many things but we always can say, "Thank You!". It cost absolutely nothing.

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