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Who Am I?
My name is Jasmine Monique Clark. I am a serial entrepreneur and I am employed in the excitingly busy SaaS industry. As a neurodivergent thinker, when it comes to strategizing outside of the box I’ve found I have a true gift. This approach had to be shared with others. Hence I have founded the Jasmine Monique Approach.

⭐️ Founder and CEO of JM Approach
⭐️ Woman on the move in SaaS Sales 📈
⭐️ Strategist with 2+ years of experience
⭐️ High-Impact Speaker - I specifically like speaking about my Christian faith and remaining positive while facing obstacles
⭐️ Dream Activator
⭐️ Science-Based Sales® Certified
⭐️ Financial Services Guru 🏦- I help millennials navigate their finances
⭐️ Move Maker + People Connector
⭐️ Holistic Health & Wellness Enthusiast ☮️

💎 I speak life into achievers to get them unstuck & shift their mindset, to EXECUTE on their dreams through faith 🙏🏽

I love to discuss 🗣 Telling Stories | Creating Strategies | Bad at gauging when people are done talking

👩🏽‍🎓 MBA, Webster University | BA, Saint Louis University

Services Offered

What I can help you achieve today?

Financial Services
💵 Tax Preparation
💵 Business-in-a-Box
💵 Credit Repair
💵 Business Credit

Strategy & Speaking
💬 1-on-1 Coaching
Goal Planning | College Planning |
Procrastination | Organizational Systems |
How-To | Social Media Marketing
💬 JM Approach personalized training for professional teams
✏️ Marketing Copy Writing
🗣 Public Speaking
Audiences: Business 👔 | Faith ✝️