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First off let me introduce myself...
I'm Jessica and I am 32 years old...
I am a single mom of a 4 year old boy that's my whole 🌎. I suffer from depression, boderline personality disorder(BPD), anxiety, & PTSD. I have medical issues as well that cause me to not be able to exercise like I used to. I suffer from degenerative disc disease, Plantar fasciitis & fibromyalgia that hasn't been diagnosed yet. I am in pain daily. I have overcome many obstacles in my life with my trust and belief in my God.

I was diving down a black hole of emptiness with my depression and being overweight when I was almost 30 years old in 2019. I reached out and tried products from ItWorks that DID help me! I followed the 90 day challenge and lost weight. Fast forward to a year after that. It was February 2020. I was down to 200 from 240. I tell myself everyday if I would have religiously stayed with the products, I could have been down to where I wanted to be by now. In that year time frame I was looking for a job, jumping place to place, and looking for stability. I was even homeless at one point. I had hit rock bottom. I decided to reach out again and start with a product again with ItWorks. After speaking to my manager at work(which is also my upline with ItWorks and one of my best friends) I told her I wanted to help others find their happiness. I joined as a distributor at the end of February 2020 and I have no regrets. I ABSOLUTELY love the company and our products! ItWorks has not only helped me with losing weight, it has helped with gaining new friendships, making money for extra things and even be able to help others find their true self! That is what I want to do TODAY! Help YOU gain your self confidence back! Help YOU find yourself again! Give it a try! There's nothing to lose but WEIGHT! I will help you find what is right for you! I'm not going to just send you to my website searching. I want to know what your needs and wants are so I can HELP you get where you need to be! Are you with me??

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