Janelli Michelle

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Hello beauties!

My name is Janelli but you can call me Nelli. I’m Mexican-American and lived in Virginia for most of my life. I am a mom to a beautiful precious little girl. I spend a lot of my time caring for her and making sure she has nothing but the best. Becoming a mom made me realize that my daughter depends on my future which is why one source of income was always scary to have. When I was given this opportunity I knew I couldn’t pass it up. The community itself brings light to your life and the group of empowering women motive you in ways you wouldn’t believe. Some of my passions include dancing and doing makeup. I’ve also grown to love face products along with makeup. These products so far have given me the best results with my skin. I’m also not a natural blonde, so the bleach really did damage to my hair and the results with these products really have been impeccable.

It all starts from self love and care. You want to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and never be scared to jump at an opportunity even if it means taking a risk. We all start somewhere. Why don’t you start now? Take my quizzes and lets get to work!