Accountancy Business and Management

Confidence and brain can bring you to success

By: Joan Concepcion

To all students who wants to become part of our family in Accountancy Business and Management, it is our great privilege to introduce to you the importance and how valuable ABM is.
In our everyday life we encounter businesses. According to them business is everywhere and money makes the world go round.
Students should take this strand because it can empower your capacity to deal people. We all know that taking ABM is quite hard but if you have perseverance you can achieve your goals. Dream to become a boss not an employee.
Here at ABM, they teach you on how to appropriately deal with people, to be confidence when socializing and gain knowledge on how to run a business.
There's a lot of knowledge and information awaits you here. So what are you waiting for? If you still cannot decide on what track you want to study then you have a big opportunity to choose and be part of ABMian students. Think critically and decide wisely.
There's a lot of fun and a lot of thinking when you encounter Accountancy, even though on the first time it is hard to understand but sooner or later you can grasp the full essence and embrace the beauty of being part of ABM family.