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Hi, I’m Jo. I am a wife and mum of 3.
I am a health and Life Transformational Coach.

I have always had a passion for health, fitness and personal development. When I feel pregnant with my third, I found myself feeling so lonely at work and my job no longer for filled me or was in line with my values, beliefs and future.
I began my journey to become a health and life coach wanted to help women bring balance into their lives. The journey of motherhood can be not only rewarding but lonely and stressful and can leave you with a new identity and unsure where you fit into the world. It can leave you craving balance and unsure how to create it.

What is a Health & Life Coach

So what is a Health and Life Coach and so I need 1??

A Health and Life Coach is a supportive mentor who helps others achieve their health and personal development goals to feel their best through holistic diet, habit and mindset shifts that are unique to meet individual needs and goals.
We all have unique bodies, needs and lifestyles, therefore the one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to health. A Health and Life Coach helps you discover the right methods and approach individual to you and your happiness, and most fulfilled life.
Health and Life Coaching go hand in hand to compliment both health, wellness and personal development shifts. To create sustainable lasting changes this involves a combination of exploring mindset and habit changes, as well as lifestyle changes. This needs to be easy and sometimes on a sub-conscious level meaning you are not even aware or don’t even need to try to be different.
You could benefit from a Health and Life Coach if you:
- don’t feel like you are living your healthiest life
-cant stick to your goals or are feeling stuck
-constantly on the diet roller-coaster
-are self conscious and feeling lost
-don’t know how to make sustainable lasting changes
-have been told for health reasons you need to make a changes such as diabetes, heart disease or obesity and you don’t know how or want to
-need someone supportive and encouraging to hold space for you and be by your side


The Programs!!

Bringing You Balance

Goal getting balance
-1 x90 minute deep dive session. This session is designed to support and hold space for a specific health, wellness or mind (personal development goal) we go deep into your goal, the value of this goal and what is or has been holding you back. We explore your higher version of self and delve into the best path to achieving your goal. Through multiple coaching modalities this will give you clarity and direction to move forward. Sometime we all just need that little bit of space and support 💜

Mini Balance - 4 weeks
-1 x90 minute deep dive. Let’s dive deep into your subconscious, discover what is holding you back, your triggers and how your 7 year old version of you is running your life. Let’s explore what needs to be balanced in your life and how to cultivate this individually for you.
-3 x45 minute sessions creating balance in your mind, your body and your life 💜 the perfect toe tip into bringing you balance.
-gift pack to support you through this balance journey

12 week Balance body, mind & life
- 2 x60-90 minute deep dives. Exploring your sub conscious, your conditioning and your belief system. Delving deep into what brings you balance individually, what is holding you back, what your higher visions of you is and how to get there. These deep dives are incredible and give you lasting change in all areas of your life.
- 7 x45 minute sessions. We explore ways to bring you balance to your mind, body & life in simple but impactful habit changes.
- gift pack to support you through this ‘bringing you balance’ journey 💜