Joanna A Apostolopoulos

From Corporate Life to Freedom Life

A few months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to an automated forex trading platform, where she was receiving a weekly return of 5% (at a minimum!) on her investment!

I was very unsure at first as I had never done anything like this before. However, my inner curiosity and determination to create a life of freedom and choice, as well as legacy income for my family, got the better of me so I invested at the entry level ($300 USD).

Within 72 hours of joining, I saw a return. And now, 6 months later, I have 20X my INVESTMENT (without adding an extra cent from my own pocket!).

I don’t know the ins and outs of trading (nor do I have the time or inclination to learn them!) but that is why this platform works for me!

The best part is that each Sunday I am paid. Even if I choose not to do anything all week (and we all know how little time to spare a full-time working mum has!). The pro traders do all the work.

If you are curious, like I was, I would love to share with how you can leverage this platform (instead of using traditional banking systems) and receive 200% of what you started with!

Watch the video below to get a quick overview about what’s possible here, and if you’re ready to get started follow on to the next steps!


If you want to see how to get a minimum of 5% per week return on your investment with an automated forex trading platform. All without having to do any of the trading, or any recruiting!

CashFX Family Pack

Watch this video next to learn how to create legacy income for you and your family by leveraging multiple packs.

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Please reach out if you’re not in Australia or New Zealand, and I’ll direct you to the best wallet for your country.

Setting up if you’re in Australia

Watch this video and follow the instructions if you’re from Australia. You’ll be guided on setting up a Coinspot wallet to purchase your Bitcoin.

Note: There’s also a second video in the description which will guide you through setting up your first CashFX account, so you’ll need to watch that after this one.

Setting up if you’re in New Zealand

Watch this video and follow the instructions if you’re from New Zealand. You’ll be guided on setting up a Bitcoin wallet and your first CashFX account.

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Look forward to being part of your journey in creating a life of freedom and choice, as well as legacy income for you and your family, by doing less and receiving more!