Jodi Dexter Bio

Love Yourself First!

First off THANK YOU for CLICKING on my BIO, I am an open book. Currently, dealing with mental health issues, which is not allowing me to be the positive upbeat person I normally am.

I suffer from IBS, endometriosis, fertility issues, PTSD, sever depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic attacks. My son is an IVF baby. If you are going through fertility issues, know I am here if you ever want to talk. I am an open book on fertility concerns.

My Full-time position is a Divisional Controller at one of the largest steel companies in Ontario, Canada. I love school, I have a diploma in Office Administration - Executive from Mohawk College. Received my accounting diploma at McMaster University while working full-time, and continue on to achieve Honors in Business Commerce Degree at Laurentian University. In 2021 I qualified to write the CFE to obtain my accounting designation (CPA). I was unsuccessful writing the exam in September 2021, and have decided to not continue and focus on my family and my (our) health.

In 2019, My body was started to shutdown and go into septic shock with Group A Strep in my uterus. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, and had a PICC line put in so I would be able to fight my infection in the comfort of my home. It took an extra 2 months of fighting the infection. To say I am 100% is an understatement, it left trauma and trust issues with our Healthcare.

September 2021, my whole world changed my husband had his first diagnosed seizure on our front porch. All the test results came back as he was "normal" and the doctors are still not sure why this is happening. His neurologist is working closely with him to get the right meds, and ordering more tests still. We are starting to accept our new norm of living, but it doesn't make it easier forsure. The one of many positive that have come from this is he has been sober from Alcohol for 12+ months. As alcohol can cause seizures in some individuals, so he gave up drinking.

In 2019, I took a leap and entered into the direct selling industry with Rodan + Fields. At the time it was because I love ALL the products and wanted the BIGGEST discount on my products. Now, my business has helped my family during very challenging times when our monthly pay decreased because of illness. The extra income has been able to help us during these times. One less thing to worry about, when our focus should be on healing not how are we going to pay our bills.

In 2022, I added two more companies to my portfolio, Zyia Activewear and O'Snap Active Lifestyle. Both of these businesses have not generated the extra income I dreamed they would, however they both offer products I love soooo much that I had to join so I can receive the BIGGEST discount on ALL products.

If any of these areas interest you or if you can relate to any of the life experiences, please reach I would love to connect with you 😊

Rodan + Fields

Skincare + Haircare

I'm an Executive Consultant with the #1 Premium Skincare Brand in North America and Canada. In 2022, R+F entered the premium Haircare industry and their products are getting raving reviews by the beauty industry.

A bit about my skin journey. Throughout my teens and as an adult, acne has been my major concern. I have tried a wide variety of products from expensive skincare lines, spa, drugstore, Proactiv and prescribed medications to get rid of my main skincare concerns. Spending hundreds of $'s on products that didn't give me continuous results. 

Our skin is the first thing people see, so if you don't love your skin then your self-esteem and self-confidence are low. I am here to help you gain your self love back. To love the person you see in the mirror, and be proud of the person you see looking back at you.  I want to help you achieve your greatest looking skin + hair! 

Our community is supportive, we work together, and motivate one another to achieve goals set at the beginning of the month. We want you see EVERYONE successful and no one left behind.

I have been with the company for 3.5 years. January 2022, I moved out of my comfort zone and started to added consultants to work along side me. The majority of them are not working the business they are just getting their products at the BIGGEST discount. Which is ALWAYS an option. Your business is what you make it.... this is the one thing I love too. Flexibility!!

Zyia Active

Active + Leisure Wear!

I am a Independent Sales Rep with Zyia Active!

ZYIA ACTIVE has been taking North America by storm....and recently expanded to Australia!!!

ZYIA Active is a line of active & athleisure wear sold solely through online marketing & direct selling. Our clothing line focuses on a tailored fit, supreme comfort, and a confidence boost in both women’s, men’s & even kid's clothes!

Zyia offers styles for all aspects of your life - exercise, casual, and even office-appropriate options!

Most comparable to Lululemon, Nike and Under Armour with new items released every single week on Wednesdays, there is something for the whole family - men, women & children sizes XXS-XXXXL, 0-20 & 4-24


I am a brand ambassador for a brand new company to the Canadian supplement industry.

We are changing the way people take their supplements. With no more hard to swallow pills. It is a simple, and anyone can do it!

Are you mindful of what you put in your body?
Do you crave energy?
An amazing sleep from sunset to sunrise?
Cellular health check?

Nutrition program has all the above for you!! Can't wait to share these amazing products with everyone!!

My Favourite Things!

Core 4

Save Big with the O'SNAP SmartSave Core Four - the ULTIMATE lineup of our essential Core-Four products! 1 Box of SURGE in a Snap, our proprietary energy blend loaded with a natural blend of Green Coffee Bean Extract, Vitamin B12 and more to give you a surge of energy without the crash. Tropical flavor (naturally sweetened with allulose). 1 Box of COMPLETE in a Snap, a vibrant blend of all your essential B, E, A and D vitamins, packed to the brim with your daily requirement of leafy greens to keep your body functioning at its optimal level around the clock. 1 Box of SLEEP in a Snap for when it’s time to relax and sleep soundly, this blend of Melatonin and PharmaGABA® help to promote normal sleep cycles. 1 Box of REVERSE in a Snap, which works around the clock to naturally repair and restore your bodies DNA leaving you ready to perform at peak levels, daily! Your all-inclusive one-month supply to support a high-performance active lifestyle!

Total RF Serum

A powerful anti-aging serum that revitalizes skin to help you see stronger, healthier, more resilient skin. Achieve visible results when using this serum on its own and even better results with a Regimen. Eco-friendly, refillable glass bottle! Keep the outer glass bottle for your refill.

My Skincare Regimen

A customizable anti-aging routine that combines Retinoid Science + exclusive Peptide Technology to visibly firm skin and combat key signs of aging.

As we age, our skin’s natural cell turnover processes slow down. Promote youthful-looking skin as you define facial contours, minimize pores and smooth lines + wrinkles!

Favorite Leggings

Light n Tight leggings feature a firm compression that feels oh-so-supportive— whether you plan to run a marathon or just run the day.

The fitted design and high-quality fabric contours to your shape, accentuating your muscle tone while supporting it. Bend, flex, jump, and twist. These leggings stay in place for a frictionless, effortlessly flattering look. The high waistband will keep everything in its place while durable seaming stands up to wash after wash.

Energy Supplement

provides an essential blend of Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Vitamin B12, paired with energizing ginseng and l-taurine designed, which may help improve your body composition and help you stay elevated and energetic all day long, without the crash!

Hair Brush Dryer

One-Step Hair Dryer brush Combined a hair dryer with styling comb.

1. 3 in 1 blow dryer brush, hair straightener and curler for all hairstyle
Home salon styler,save your time.
2. Style within 1/2 hour.
3. Eliminates frizz, static, split ends, and detangling.
4. Ionic technology, minimize heat damage. Makes your hair soft, smooth and shiny
5. Suitable for all hair types
6. Hassle free hair styling in the comfort of your bathroom.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Save time and fun to wash & dry your brushes by our 2 in 1 function automatic brush cleaner and dryer

It's recommended to clean makeup brushes once every two to four weeks, but tradtional cleaning methods are messy and laborious and it can leave brushes wet that unusable for up to 24 hours, this electric makeup brush cleaner leaves brushes clean and dry -ready to reuse in just 30 seconds.

It not only clean your brushes in half the time it takes you to clean them by hand. But this also will air dry your makeup brushes just in seconds.