Who even am I?

Hi my name is Ali. I’m not a person who makes their place of origin their personality trait, but being from NYC gives me many stories to tell😌. As a self-proclaim writer and a progressive, I’m planning on sharing everything through writing🥳. Although I’m not “woke” and I’m ignorant about a lot of social topics I’m willing to learn and share what I noticed.

Oh, and I am also what a lot people call a “prepper”. I have an irrational fear of the apocalypse and I’m willing to share how I prepare for it😂😭.

Also I want to share my thought on the variety of shows I watch 📺

Finalmente, estoy aprendiendo español, así que no me molestes😂.

Five Reasons Why Bamon Should Have Been Endgame

1) In the books it was heavily implied that they were soulmates. Although Damon did love Elena, Bonnie was said to be his weak spot. It doesn’t make sense not to include this in the tv show.

2) It can be said that Damon is Bonnie’s weakspot. On the Other Side Bonnie had lost her powers, but as soon as Damon was in trouble(by Kai’s hand) her powers instantly came back.

3) Beside Elena, Bonnie is the only other person in the Scooby gang that he is over protective of, which was shown when he was constantly threatening Enzo while Bonenzo was shining.

4) Something has to be there because Julie Plec was obviously threatened. Whenever Bonnie and Damon had a moment, Julie always inserted Elena in there somewhere. Even when Damon told Bonnie he loved her, Julie made him say “Like Elena did”. LIKE WTF!!!🤬

5) They both sacrifices their happiness for each other. Bonnie made Damon leave the Other Side without her and Damon put off seeing Elena for 60 years just so Bonnie could live.

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