Hello lovely

Welcome I am so glad our paths have crossed

I am Jodie and I am a coach, reiki practitioner, sacred space holder and mumma of 3 boys. I love nothing more than creating a space for women to be seen, heard, supported and connected.

My vision is for you to possess a deep undeniable knowing that you’ve got this. A knowing deep in your soul and every fibre of your being that you are whole, you are worthy and that you have everything you will ever need just by being you.

From this space anything is possible…..

I know, as a fellow human, that we lead full and busy lives so sometimes this knowing can be forgotten, buried or blocked.

I also whole-heartedly believe that as women we aren’t meant to figure everything out on our own, that we thrive when we are supported, when we experience real and honest connections with others and when we create some space for us.

So if you:

💜 Long to remember or experience for the first time what it’s like to be in deep connection with who you are at your core, on a soul level

💜 Feel over or underwhelmed with life

💜 Crave more joy and fun in your life

💜 Want to be in love and alignment with your body and intuition

💜 Or perhaps you’re not sure why you’re here with me yet, and that’s perfect too.

I would so love to support and connect with you.


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Work with me

1:1 Coaching

What coaching with me is like...

I hold space for women to be seen, heard, supported and celebrated.

For many of the women I coach the time we spend together feels like some respite, an exhalation, in an otherwise full and busy life. It’s often the only block of time in their week where the whole hour is purely about them, not mum, wife, sister, friend, colleague, boss and where they feel completely safe to show up exactly as they are.

My coaching, at its core, is about honoring where you are right now and helping you to reconnect with you, what lights you up and what your truly want.

A coaching series consist of:

● Pre-coaching questionnaire ​- designed to get you thinking about what’s currently working for you, what’s not and what you truly want to create for yourself and your life

● Complimentary initial chat ​- a chance to connect and learn a little more about each other. We delve a little into your questionnaire and discuss what your heart and soul desires

● 6 x fortnightly one hour coaching sessions ​- where we connect, either in person or via zoom, to really get into all things you and your vision and set some goals that light you up. Then the magic starts to unfold and I will be with you every step of the way to guide, support, encourage and celebrate you.

● Email support between session and additional resources ​- im here for you

If you’re curious or want to know more I’m here, send me a message and let’s connect.

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