~We All Have A Story~

{ Passionate About What Life Has To Offer }

My life can be described as a book in the making. Chapter after chapter being created by my amazing family, my friends, my many passions and most of all the memories we are all making.

I am an {adoptive} mom to 3 fantastic teenagers all impacted by FASD. They teach me how to be a more patient, compassionate and understanding mom. Our lives are enriched by living among pet pigs, dogs, goats, cats and a tortoise. Emotional support & therapy animals are a great thing.

Struggles with my own health means when I find things that help me I become passionate about them. Healthy clean beauty products, a keto lifestyle supported by ketones are things I believe in and want to share with you.

Not only are my own passions important, I love supporting and promoting others with a strong passion for life, living life to the fullest in this moment, mindfulness and those that want to take this journey of learning self love with me.

So join me in continuing to write an unwritten book to learn from others and create a life we are content with.

~ JODY ~

~ Cool. Fun. Practical Shit ~

{ Finding cool, fun, practical things and supporting family, friends & complete strangers. Check out my favorite things and some even have a discount code ~


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~ Jody Jordan ~

{ A Day Without Laughter ~ Is A Wasted Day }