Joe Fabbo —

What I’m Made of

Hi my name is Joseph Severino Fabbo I am 23 with lots of experience of being a true rockstar but just don’t have the touring around the world career experience I wish I had, but I still love just being home with my family and friend’s. Besides music I’m also big into anime, manga, movies, and video games. I love lots of games like first person shooters, fighting games, but my favorite games are Sonic the Hedgehog. My main favorite anime’s to watch or read are Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Super, Death Note, and Berserk. I love to write my own music and lyrics and try my best to record it. Besides that I’m also very creative in building with legos, when I was younger I was a huge lego nerd and couldn’t put them down, but now they just sit in my closet. I play guitar, bass, ukulele, and can sing. I can’t even remember how many times I preformed live in front of a large crowd. I have alot of favorite bands I don’t even think I can even name them all Green Day, Sum 41, Blink 182, Skillet, Fozzy, Crush 40, Dragon Force, Zebrahead and so many more.

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