Show The World What Your Made Of!

Just a 26 year old self made beauty mentor, who is teaching others how to live a better life all by switching their shampoo.

I graduated college in May 2016 with my B.S in Biology. My dreams of becoming an ultrasound technician was soon crushed when Rutgers gave my limited seat away all because I got a C. I wasn’t able to continue my education and was left to pay my school debt with a ground level job. I knew this couldn’t be all what I was put on this earth to do, live paycheck to paycheck.

Well my life completely changed in November 2019. I joined the beauty industry and started making money from my phone while having the best hair and skin of my life. Wether you’re a stay at home mom, teacher, stylist, nurse, influencer, etc. I want you to know this ground level opportunity will change your life, your family’s life and those around you.

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I look forward to helping you. 🖤