joe’s small business :)

this summer has been an delightful hot summer day.

hi! my name is joe, i am starting a small business. i am vietnamese, i am currently 10 years old. i am selling mini brands, squishmallows, fidgets, and many more. i can do shipping, i accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, paypal, venmo. i am so excited for starting this fantastic adventure with my customers!! <3 πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

small business items i’m selling

what i’m selling at joe’s small business

β€œ14” inch Oreo pug squishmallow: $35.00
β€œ11” inch Lena candle queen squishmallow: $30.00
β€œ5” inch Duchess pink deer squishmallow: $18.00
β€œ5” inch Edmund pterodactyl squishmallow: $24.00
β€œ5” inch Keith dragon squishmallow: $20.00
β€œ5” inch Plum purple cat squishmallow: $25.00
β€œ5” inch Hearts rainbow llama squishmallow: $15.00
β€œ5” inch Blackberry black cat squishmallow: $20.00
β€œ5” inch Pearl seal squishmallow: $14.00
β€œ5” inch Finn shark squishmallow: $25.00
mini brands:
wet ones mini brands: $10.00
barbasol shaving cream mini brands: $15.00
smarties candy rolls mini brands: $25.00
shopping cart mini brands: $17.00
cupcake mini brands: $20.00
purple spray mini brands: $18.00
butter mini brands: $28.00
vanilla extract mini brands: $12.00
rainbow among us pop it: $20.00
original simple dimple: $15.00
mini simple dimple pink + blue: $18.00
rainbow circle pop it: $25.00
mini circle pop it: $10.00
white circle pop it: $15.00
pizza squishy: $8.00
heart cake squishy: 6.00
blue marble mash: $12.00
yellow marble mash: $12.00
purple monkey noodle: $5.00
green monkey noodle: $5.00
blue monkey noodle: $5.00
pink fidget spinner: $20.00
white fidget spinner: $16.00
red fidget spinner: $13.00
blue fidget spinner: $18.00
green needoh: $15.00
purple needoh: $15.00
yellow pop it tube: $10.00
infinity cube: $20.00
pea popper: $5.00
basketball yo-yo: $18.00
mochi gray cat: $2.00
orange puffer toy: $1.00
yellow puffer toy: $1.00
pineapple squishy: $10.00
ice cream squishy: $10.00
wacky track: $15.00
mochi pink hedgehog: $5.00
rainbow square pop it: $18.00
blue bear pop it: $3.00
hand sanitizers + case
bath & body works noir hand sanitizer: $20.00
daydream hand sanitizer: $15.00
total softie hand sanitizer: $5.00
peach mango hand sanitizer: $10.00
happy birthday hand sanitizer: $25.00
antibacterial hand sanitizer: $18.00
vanilla icing hand sanitizer: $3.00
pumpkin donut hand sanitizer: $5.00
pumpkin cupcake hand sanitizer: $15.00
snow kissed citrus hand sanitizer: $25.00
strawberry lemonade hand sanitizer: $18.00
tropical berries hand sanitizer: $5.00
unitypoint health hand sanitizer: $20.00
blank children’s hospital hand sanitizer: $1.75
warm vanilla sugar hand sanitizer: $25.00
french lavender hand sanitizer: $5.00
don’t quit your daydream hand sanitizer: $20.00
ocean kiss hand sanitizer: $1.75
pink hand sanitizer case: $5.00
flying solo by ralph fletcher: $5.00
clarice bean spells trouble by lauren child: $15.00
the one and only ivan by katherine applegate: $10.00
insignificant events in the life of a cactus by dusti bowling: $20.00
lucky strike by bobbie pyron: $1.75
pay it forward by catherine ryan hyde: $25.00
the year of billy miller by kevin henkes: $5.00
you have to stop this by pseudonymous bosch: $20.00
spellbound at school by sue bentley: $1.75

*remember you can use credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, paypal, venmo to pay.*

*shipping is optional & available for you.*