Come on in honey!! Let’s get to know each other

Hey honey ! I’m Dina - Mom of two beautiful children ( 1 teenager and 1 preteen - 😫lord be with me lol ) on a journey to a healthier lifestyle for me and my family.

Most of my family comes from a small town in Kentucky , Shelbyville -to be exact. So pardon my southern ways ❤️🙂

Since childhood, I’ve always had a passion for seeing new places, making new connections and helping people. I’ve been successful in helping new business owners scale their brands, working moms to lose weight and even help start nonprofit organizations find ways to help communities across the country.

Little did I know this passion and experience would be the very thing to transform the rest of my life .

My life changed when I said YES to this amazing community.

I am slated to become a top earner and have been working with women from every walk of life enabling them to do the same!

Before you say that this isn’t something you can’t do, I want to tell you that absolutely can!!

We are a community of women just like me and you who are looking for more, embracing our journey and changing the lives of our family and those around you.

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Let’s align and work together to create you a life that you deserve all while helping people feel their best!

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My goal is to Align x Collaborate x Change the lives of as many people as I can.