I am Jordan Knerr

Just an outdoor girl who wants her dreams to come true!

I am 24 years young, I live the best of both worlds. I am a certified Diesel Mechanic, working on trucks is my everyday lifestyle. I ride quads, fish, hunt and spend most of my time in the outdoors. On the other hand I also enjoy getting my nails done, my hair, doing my makeup,; just like most girls would!
I completely understand what it’s like to have damaged hair with bleaching it, getting it dirty because I personally work in a shop, but also having helmet hair! I struggled with hair growth, breakage, dry/frizzy hair and I am extremely excited to not only use the products but influence my followers about how well the hair products change your hair dramatically.
I 100% recommend contacting me about the products. Swipe RIGHT for your own hair quiz, and I will happily influence you on your own products that will help your hair for the better !!
If you are interested in the business just like I was (even a side business if you are in a career 9-5) to make more money for yourself !!! I want to help people struggling with their body, health, and HAIR... but most important their HAPPINESS! ✨
& of course become your OWN influencer and make money✨