Jolene van Wieringen

Wife | Mother | Foodie | Lifestyle

Hello, my name is Jolene. I live in Northern British Columbia with my amazing husband and two beautiful daughters.

My husband and I have a unique fine dining hobby business. We prepare 3-5 course dinners paired with local wines and serve them in the comfort of your own home. We love fine foods and good company so it's a fun gig.

I am also very passionate about healthy living. We only get one life and it's up to us to make sure we live it to the fullest. The overall wellness of my family is a priory to me. I read labels, I do my research, and we only use and ingest things that are clean and effective.

Finally, I have a natural desire for helping others. I think that connections and relationships are very important to overall wellbeing and individual success. I strive to lead by example to inspire and encourage people to be the best possible version of themselves.

Life Transformation

I am Obsessed with Clean Living

It is not something that I have always been passionate about though. It all began for me when a friend recommended some life-changing collagen products. I had been struggling with the drain of some health issues and lack of energy. I had no idea what was wrong with me, but I felt like a walking mombie and I decided that I needed to get really serious about my health.

I did not have much weight to lose, but it has been so much more than weight loss for me! Yes, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight (something I had given up on achieving), and I am down 10 pounds and 2 pant sizes, but there is so much more that has changed for me!

Increased Energy: I need less sleep and I am 100x more productive with my day. I don’t need to drink coffee to function anymore, in fact, I hardly even drink it at all now!

Improved Mood: I am way less irritable, less stressed/anxious, and just happier overall.

Healthier Habits: I want to make healthy food choices when I am hungry. My cravings for sugary snacks and processed foods has been reduced significantly. I also drink one gallon of water a day which has aided to naturally eliminate my desire to drink sugary beverages when I am thirsty.

No More Joint Pain: I don’t need to wear wrist braces to bed anymore.

Healthier Skin and Hair: The fine lines on my face have vanished and my hair is thicker and stronger.

Confidence: I have also been introduced to an amazing community of people who are so incredibly inspiring. This has really boosted my confidence.

These amazing changes have slowly crept into my life from consistently using the system I was introduced to, taking some additional supplements, and making very simple lifestyle changes along the way.

My family has slowly been switching out our day-to-day products with quality clean alternatives that we love, and it is making such a big difference for all of us.

I share my story with you because, I would have never known that these changes could happen for me if my friend did not share her story.