4 online classes of subtle, supported reclining yoga —

With Yoga Facilitator Heather Jones YA E-RYT 500 & Health Promotion and Education Specialist Hannah Powell

Structured Specifically for Those Experiencing Chronic Illness and High Fatigue Levels and Their Care Providers *Based on a Recumbent Isometric Yoga Study with ME/CFS Patients Taught by Heather Jones, YA E-RYT 500 Advised by Hannah Powell, Community Heath Promotion and Education Specialist This 4-week series offers an opportunity for those living with chronic illness and high fatigue levels to participate in yoga classes specifically designed to accommodate their current needs and abilities. The course will live-stream online in order to be accessed in the home or care center. Recordings will be available for those who wish to repeat the practice on their own or for those unable to participate in the live class. Students have the opportunity to turn their video on or off at any time throughout the classes or to exit the class at any time they choose. This series is taught from a recumbent position, using a series of isometric holds in different supported shapes. Each student will have the opportunity to observe their body’s unique responses through breath and sensation. Students are encouraged to exercise their ability to self-regulate the amount of time and muscular energy applied to each hold. Each student is also encouraged to work or rest in a range that builds rather than depletes their energy level. While this course is structured specifically for those experiencing chronic illness and fatigue, it is open for anyone to attend. The practice itself can be very calming and effective in releasing physical and mental tension. *There are a limited number of scholarship spots available for this series. To apply for scholarship, please reach out to Jennifer Rohn at [email protected]