Hey hey!

My name is Jordan Barrera.
I am a Christian, wife, mother, beauty expert, gardener, woodworker, fixer, builder, small motor repair. The list goes on…
That is something that I love about my self.
I find satisfaction when someone asks me “hey do you know how to do this/ fix this?” and I can reply with “hey I actually know how to do that, I’d love to help you”
Conceded you might say?

Nahhhh….. I just entered my thirties. I have never been more confident in my entire life.
Why is it that we have a problem with confidence through child hood and the twenties? 
I believe that so many people frown upon other people that like the way they look, or a particular trait that you love about your self. Apparently It comes off as “conceded”.

I believe you should recognize it, because when you love your self, and you see value within your self, amazing things start changing for the better.
The crazy part? I have only recently realized this.

The philosophy for my life is that, I love to at least try a task/ job once. If I don’t love it, at least I tried it, if I love it, I learn more and hone in my craft.

I am a mother of 4.
I homeschool them as well.
I am obsessed with animals. I have 4 felines & 2 canines. I wish I had horses and a farm. Some day I will.

I believe in the law of attraction and what you think about you being about.

I love to see the best possible outcome of every situation.

I will be adding to this as I develop my skills, I’d love to start YouTube, share my favorite clothing sites, and share with you LimeLife by Alcone; an exceptional makeup and skincare brand that completely changed the way I live, think, and do makeup.