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About me

Hi hi, my name is Jordan! I live close to the mountains in Canada, love brunch, Sundays, adventures, hot sauce, desserts, sunsets, road trips, country back roads, good music, spontaneity and planning simultaneously, conversations around fires, family, friends, and community. My passion is people, learning their stories, and helping out in any way I can. I hope I live everyday with purpose and intentionality. My first love is for the One who created all of these things.

When I’m not doing any of the above, you can find me getting photos creating and managing content for different brands and businesses. I absolutely love doing this because I love being a part of the process and helping others reach their vision through creativity and community.

Welcome here ✨ - j

Be salt + light

It’s the little things

My top picks

A few of my favourite things ✨
3 options isn’t enough to talk about the things I love but here’s a sneak peak.

Recommendation #1 - Alberta adventures

ALBERTA // many people think Alberta is just prairies but little do they know is that it’s filled with tall mountains, turquoise lakes, cute mountain towns, and diverse landscapes! (And filled with friendly/kind people)
After working at Tourism Langley, I love giving people resources to explore their own backyard!
Lakes and goodness to see in Berta:
- Lake Louise (obviously)
- Moraine Lake
- Lake Minnewanka
- Banff
- Waterton
- Jasper

Recommendation #2 - Coffee shops from places that are home to me

- Monogram
- Analog
- Phil & Seb
- The Heart of Bragg Creek
Vancouver + Fraser Valley:
- Nemesis
- Small Victory
- Matchstick
- Wendels
- Blacksmith
- Old Hand
- Press coffee
- Cartel

Recommendation #3 - music

I love music so so much. I have it on 90 % of the time. I listen to different types at different times during the day 😋

https://open.spotify.com/user/jordanbolson17?si=rj1tWKptRoSwgp34HZM9Ig ›