Hello lovelies!!

Here to inspire, motivate, and reach the highest heights with a WICKED #GirlGang

I’d like to start of with a little information about myself. I am currently 19 and living in Canada! I am a young mother of one beautiful little girl!

Unexpectedly this amazing company fell into my lap, I had just lost all hope for my hair, and my financial state! I can’t begin to express how much I had damaged my hair! It was so brittle and frizzy. All I could see was split ends all the way up my hair! I was so stressed and unsatisfied with it’s state. I almost cut it all off!

Any girl who likes her hair long understands how unsettling this thought alone is. Luckily I found Monat in time to save my hair, wallet, and mental state! With all the amazing support in this fantastic company! No limit to the support, always an open ear. No questions are stupid or unanswered and that is so important in a strong community. On top of that we get paid 5-6 times monthly, along with a CAR bonus and all inclusive work trips!!

Our company gives back to the community, its customers, and it’s Market Partners! The excitement I have to be part of such an amazing movement is unreal and I cannot wait to share that with you!